Archival Large Folder Preserves Maps and Prints

Archival large folders for preservation of oversized documents. Perfect for preservation and storage of maps, plans, prints and posters.
History Center uses archival large folders


Archival Large Folder Helps Fenton Historical Center

The Fenton Historical Center trusts their important historical documents to the Ulrich Archival Large Folder for preserving large documents including maps and prints. (see details below)

Importance in Preserving Community History

In the heart of any great community is a local historical center. These centers preserve the history of a community creating a sense of belonging, having a pride in place and are an important factor in civic consciousness. This sense of history elevates any community. But it doesn’t just provide good feelings. These centers provide a personal and tangible record of not only the community but a personal glimpse into  the nations history.

Archival large file folders are perfect for the preservation of oversized documents. Perfect for preservation and storage of oversized documents like - map storage, plans storage, prints preservation and posters preservation and storage.
Karen uses Large File Folders for oversized document preservation

Archival Large Folder is Important for Long Term Preservation

These local historians need the right materials to preserve these important historical documents. And over sized documents pose a difficult challenge. The Fenton Historical Center uses the Ulrich archival large folder for maps, posters, plans and prints. This quality archival large folder has the following specifications:

  • Folders come in a large variety of sizes.
  • 20 pt. Heavy duty 0.020″ thick stock
  • Alpha Cellulose Virgin Fiber
  • Buffered
  • Lignin Free
  • Non-bleed and non-fade pigments
  • pH neutral
  • passed P.A.T.

History paves our future

The Fenton Historical Center and Centers like it all over the United States preserve the personal and community history of our country. This history provides a record of important issues such as immigrant communities, equality in work and voting, industrial practices and much more.

An example of the type of history you will find at the Fenton:

  • Swedish and Italian immigration and community development.
  • Sites of the Underground Rail Road and personal histories of the people who participated.
  • The emergence and decline of the furniture industry in the US.
  • And noted people of the area – such as:
    • Lucille Ball – Actress
    • Robert H. Jackson – Lawyer who worked at the  Nuremberg Trials
    • Roger Tory Peterson – preeminent American Naturalist.

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