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Poster Storage in

The Cadfile is the perfect poster storage solution when you need great organization and protection and have very little space to store them. Case Studies. Each cabinet holds 1,000 large posters. Same poster storage as two flat file cabinets Needs 75% less space Mobile file Cabinet Less than 11″ deep, fits anywhere    


Map File Cabinets

Planfiles are simply the best Map File Cabinets available. Indeed the Planfile replaces 6 - five drawer flat file cabinets at less cost. While providing additional features like fire resistance, water resistance and folders for organization. In addition they requires up to 60% less floor space. Not to mention these Planfile - Map File Cabinets are easier to use with all filing done at waist height. In the event that you don't need fire resistance we have our Planfile 2 Economy File.  


Fire Resistant Map

The Minifile offers the fire resistance and water resistance of the Planfile but in a unit of smaller capacity. For user’s where floor spaces is at a premium, The Minifile can be a real problem solver. For more information on the Minifile...  


Blueprint Storage in

The Cadfile is the perfect blueprint storage solution - great organization - great blueprint protection in a small space. Case Studies. Blueprint storage for  1,000 blueprints. Same blueprint storage as two flat file cabinets Uses 75% less space Mobile Less than 11″ deep, fits anywhere    


Blueprint File Cabinet

The Pinfile utilizes an advanced indexing system and quality construction to make large document filing easier. Features such as unique design which holds the lid safely open, and a heavy-duty, zero tolerance door slide which allows the unit to operate with ease and stability. The Parallel Pin File gives maximum document support. The Ulrich Pin and Post Pinfile is 100% compatible with the Safco Masterfile.    


Blueprint Cabinet the

The Planfile 2 is the simply the best blueprint cabinet money can buy. For users requiring easy filing, water resistance, and large capacity for their large document filing, The Planfile 2 is the solution. The Planfile 2 saves space. Replacing 6 - five drawer flat file cabinets.