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Blueprint Folder 30″ x 42″ – F1


This blueprint folder is the perfect compliment to your flat file cabinets. These sturdy and reliable large folders provide organization and protection. Improve your office efficiency and protect your large documents from damage. Priced per dozen.



Blueprint Folder Details:
  • 12 Folders in package
  • Max Sheet Size: “30 x 42”
  • Compatible with Flat File Cabinets
  • Folder Width: 42 1/2″
  • Folder Height: 31 1/2″
  • Number of Hand Holes: 1
  • Folder Labels Included

Advantages of Ulrich Blueprint Folders

flat file folder has a hand hole to aid in pulling large folder from a heavy stack. Mylar reinforcement ensures long life of the blueprint folder.
Hand Hole

Hand hole grip for aid in pulling blueprint folder from a heavy stack is reinforced with mylar to ensure long life.



Blueprint folder has large reinforced hem, for additional stiffness. Adding years to the life of this folder and makes it easy to use
Large Reinforcement Hem

Large Reinforcement Hem provides additional folder stiffness, making it easier to remove folder from a large stack. Provides extended folder life.


Folder labels for blueprint folders to store engineering prints, blueprint storage, poster storage, map storage

Generous Corner Notch

Corner notch allows for rapid folder search. Reveals label even when Blueprint Folder is only partially loaded. Allows for detailed content indexing.


Ulrich D or A1 size, 24" x 36", Blueprint Folder for organizing Maps and Plans in flat file cabinet

Smooth Top and Closed Bottom

Smooth top edge of blueprint folders prevents any danger of paper cuts. While the closed bottom design prevents documents from curling at the back of the drawer.


Cabinet Compatibility

This Ulrich Blueprint Folder is Compatible with the following Flat File Cabinet Manufacturers:
Ulrich flat file folders are compatible with these flat file cabinets

  • Hamilton Mfg. – Regular Series
  • Hamilton Mfg. – Wood filing Units
  • Mayline – Metal Plan Files
  • Stacor – Stakmaster, Planmaster, Intermaster “A”
  • Plan Hold – Flat Drawer Files
  • Safco Flat Files

To ensure proper fit, measure the inside of the flat file drawer.


Organize your flat file cabinets with these heavy duty large folders

Blueprint Folder Specification Sheet

Downloadable Blueprint Folder Brochure.



Click Here for other Flat Folder Sizes


Special Size Flat File Folders available call customer service 800-346-2875.

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 45 × 3 in

1 review for Blueprint Folder 30″ x 42″ – F1

  1. Brian, Goldsmith Land Development

    We have used your products for many years and are very satisfied with the quality.

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