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Convenience Step for Planfile and Planfile 2 Map Storage Cabinets


Convenience Step great addition to Planfile and Planfile 2

Providing a working platform at a height which permits convenient access to the entire Planfile. Especially designed for the larger Planfile and Planfile 2 cabinets.

When not in use, the step is returned to its self-latching vertical position to maintain full aisle space

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Convenience Step great addition to Planfile and Planfile 2

While people of medium to tall height can conveniently use the larger Ulrich Planfile that holds the 48” or 56” wide sheets.  All others appreciate the extra step-up that the convenience step provides.

The Convenience Step is Easy to Use!

The step stores away conveniently when not in use. It folds into a self latching vertical position. Unobtrusively out of the way until needed.This safe and secure storage preserves available aisle way space. Just a light touch of the latch brings the step into the down position. You will never have to search for your step when needed.

Then, a light touch of the latch unfolds the step down into working position, permitting unrestricted access to the entire Planfile. While, you can purchase this step with your cabinet and have it factory installed. In addition, you can buy the step and easily install it yourself on a cabinet in your office.

You Will Feel Secure on This Step

This step provides a working platform that is a generous 12″ deep by 42″ wide. Giving you a 16″ boost to conveniently access the entire Planfile or Planfile 2 Cabinet.

The step is constructed of heavy duty steel. With a non-skid working surface. And a wide, sturdy leg that lowers into place for secure support. You will feel safe and comfortable on this sturdy and generously sized convenience step.

Designed for use with the following models:


Add Convenience to Your New or Existing Cabinet

The Convenience Step is factory installed when ordered with a cabinet.

However the convenience step can easily be installed by you. When ordered to add to your current cabinet the convenience step comes with step by step instructions and all the parts needed for installation.

For use on Planfile, and Planfile 2 cabinets.


Step – 12″ deep x 42″ wide

When open – 16″ high from the floor

When closed – makes cabinet 2.25″ wider for a total of 33.25″

**Note – Cabinet will fit through most doorways with the step attached, please measure your doorways to be sure.

Call our support line for assistance – 800-346-2875.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 44 × 13 in

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