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Map File Cabinets – Planfile Saves Space and Protects


Planfiles are simply the best Map File Cabinets available. Indeed the Planfile replaces 6 – five drawer flat file cabinets at less cost. While providing additional features like fire resistance, water resistance and folders for organization. In addition they requires up to 60% less floor space. Not to mention these Planfile – Map File Cabinets are easier to use with all filing done at waist height. In the event that you don’t need fire resistance we have our Planfile 2 Economy File.




Choose from our 7 Standard colors

Ulrich Fabrication offers high quality map file cabinets, that helps meet the needs of your company. 

Our Cabinets are: 

  • Easy to use – all filing cabinets being waist high
  • Spacesaving – reducing floor requirements by 66%
  • Customize to hold a variety of document sizes
  • Mobility – easy to move and fit through 32″ doorways

Fire Resistant

The double wall construction combines fire resistant insulation with dead air space, providing nearly 5 to 7 times more fire protection than is available from the competition.


The water apron and lap joint construction of the lid prevents water from entering the cabinet interior and damaging the documents. Get protection from airborne dust particles.


Key locking system is standard on all Planfile cabinets. A unique spring compression system, along with heavy duty folders, keep documents flat, smooth and in new conditions.


Together with a capacity of 3,600 documents for active use and 7,200 for inactive use this cabinet has the highest capacity of any large document file cabinet.

About Ulrich Fabrication

At Ulrich Fabrication Inc we treat each customer and each project as if it is our most important. It’s this attitude that sums up our commitment to satisfy, you – our customers. Our people are hired and trained with you and your company in mind. Our investment in state of the art equipment, and the customer service and production systems we use – ensure your success. You can see it in the overall quality of our products and services. 

All Ulrich Planfile cabinets are designed and manufactured in the United States,  in our Lakewood, New York facility, featuring the highest quality of sheet metal fabrication, finish, and function. More on History… Our Facility – Lakewood, NY

Map File Cabinets Product Specification

Part #Max
Sheet Size
No.  of
3624 24″×36″60360060009065
4230 30″×42″60360060009067
4836 36″×48″60360060009068
5636 36″×56″60360060009080
*Active Capacity: Maximum number of documents for day to day use of the cabinet.
In Active Capacity: Maximum number of documents for monthly or quarterly use of the cabinet.


Part #Max
Sheet Size
3624 24″×36″43 3/435 3/431 1/2450
4230 30″×42″49 3/442 1/431 1/2527
4836 36″×48″55 3/445 1/231 1/2596
5636 36″×56″63 3/445 1/231 1/2860