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Map File Cabinets – Planfile Saves Space and Protects


Planfiles are simply the best Map File Cabinets available. Indeed the Planfile replaces 6 – five drawer flat file cabinets at less cost. While providing additional features like fire resistance, water resistance and folders for organization. In addition they requires up to 60% less floor space. Not to mention these Planfile – Map File Cabinets are easier to use with all filing done at waist height. In the event that you don’t need fire resistance we have our Planfile 2 Economy File.




Map File Cabinets Features

Of course these Fire Resistant cabinets protect your blueprint storage, and engineering prints, you won't find this feature in flat files. In addition, these map file cabinets provide great document protection.
Fire Resistance

Fire Resistant –  Moreover, the double wall construction combines fire resistant insulation with dead air space, providing nearly 5 to 7 times more fire protection than is available from the competition.

As a result of controlled testing we know this system can withstand extended temperatures of up to 550° F for at least 1 hour with the contents of the cabinet remaining at temperatures generally regarded as safe for documents.

Space Saving

Planfile holds more documents in less space than any other filing system. Reducing floor space requirements up to 66%


Easily file blueprints, plans and maps. Because all filing is done at waist height.

Easy to Use

Notably, all filing is at waist height. Indeed, no crouching or bending to reach low drawers. Or barking your shins on an open flat file cabinet drawer.


In fact, thes Map file cabinets holds 3,600 documents for active use. Not to mention 7,200 blueprints for archival storage.

High Capacity Map File Cabinets

Together with a capacity of 3,600 documents for active use and 7,200 for inactive use this cabinet has the highest capacity of any large document file cabinet. As well as having the smallest footprint and best document protection.


In fact, these Planfile Map file cabinets have 60 folders. While the Planfile 2 Blueprint Cabinet comes with 50 folders to protect and organize your important documents

Equipped with 60 Tuff-one folders

In addition to outstanding document organization with 60 included, heavy duty folders. These folders have Mylar reinforced hand holds and heavy duty 15 pt. red wallet stock for long life. Of course, folder labels are included.


Customize to hold a variety of document sizes

In case you need to file a variety of document sizes. These map file cabinets are easy to customize. Contact us or call at 1-800-356-2875.

Of course heavy duty casters on this blueprint cabinet make it easy to move even fully loaded.


Heavy duty steel casters make these Planfile cabinets easy to move. In addition, this cabinet is designed to fit through standard 32″ doorways. So, whether you need to cleaning carpets or move your entire office, these cabinets make it easy. As a result, Ulrich Planfile, Minifile and Cadfile are the only large document cabinets that are mobile.

Also the Planfile, Planfile 2 and Minifile Cabinets all come with locks as standard equipment. Also, Replacement keys are available. In addition multiple cabinets can be keyed the same.Security

Also, a key locking system is standard on all Planfile cabinets.


Document Protection

Not to mention the unique spring compression system, along with heavy duty folders, keep documents flat, smooth and in new conditions.

Water Resistant

Equally important the water apron and lap joint construction of the lid prevents water from entering the cabinet interior and damaging the documents.

Also, the documents are protected from airborne dust particles.

This sturdy convenience step is the perfect addition to Planfile and Planfile 2 map storage cabinetsOptional Convenience Step

For the larger cabinets for 36″ x 48″ and 36″ x 56″ documents it is helpful to have a step up. This optional Convenience Step stores flat against the cabinet when not in use. And drops down when in use. Safety strips prevent slipping. More about the Convenience Step.

Optional Archival Quality Folders

Add document protection with optional archival quality folders. These 20pt heavy duty folders are lignan free and buffered. Meeting the latest standards for document protection. Also the powder coated finish is perfect for archival storage.

Environmentally safe

Of course, our product uses environmentally sound powder-coated finish.

In addition, our products are manufactured to reduce our carbon footprint. We achieve this through our dedication to recycling, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Made in the United States

While this product is proudly manufactured in the United States.

Product Reviews

“Our Projects people love it! Much better than the tube system that wrecks all their drawings.”

Craig Johnson
Nuclear Power Plant
5636 Planfile Cabinet

More Product Reviews

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Don’t need Fire Resistance – Try Planfile 2 Economy File

Choose from our 7 standard colors –


Custom Colors Available

Colors are not true on most displays – Color Chips available for free upon request


Map File Cabinets Product Specification

Part # Max
Sheet Size
No.  of
3624 24″×36″ 60 3600 6000 9065
4230 30″×42″ 60 3600 6000 9067
4836 36″×48″ 60 3600 6000 9068
5636 36″×56″ 60 3600 6000 9080
*Active Capacity: Maximum number of documents for day to day use of the cabinet.
In Active Capacity: Maximum number of documents for monthly or quarterly use of the cabinet.


Part # Max
Sheet Size
3624 24″×36″ 43 3/4 35 3/4 31 1/2 450
4230 30″×42″ 49 3/4 42 1/4 31 1/2 527
4836 36″×48″ 55 3/4 45 1/2 31 1/2 596
5636 36″×56″ 63 3/4 45 1/2 31 1/2 860


See how easy it is to use the Map File Cabinets – Ulrich Planfile

Call us directly for questions on freight, 800-346-2875.
Made to Order. Lead Time 4 weeks.

Add convenience to your 4836 or 5636 size Cabinet

Also, consider adding a great convenience accessory! The convenience step allows for easier access, especially for those of us with shorter reach. For example this step folds out for use and folds flush against the cabinet when not in use. How convenient!

The convenience step can be factory installed on your new cabinet. Or you can get everything you need to install one of these steps yourself.

Step pulled down for use
Convenient step to help easily reach all of the folders where you file your large documents. Perfect addition to your map filing cabinet.
Step is flush when closed


Add a convenience step to your cabinet

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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7 reviews for Map File Cabinets – Planfile Saves Space and Protects

  1. Dave Weadock

    Our Parks Department has utilized the Ulrich Cabinet since 1997, and the files stored within have been preserved very well. The cabinet is in perfect working order, and provides a worry-free storage solution for our many drawing sets.

    • Barbara Berry

      We are proud to a small support of the wonderful things the Parks Department has provided for 20+ years. Thanks Dave

  2. Brenda

    My experience with Ulrich was outstanding! Thank you Barb, for all of your knowledge, patience and understanding. It has made the process smooth. We appreciate all your help!

    • Barbara Berry

      Brenda, thank you for your kind words. We are glad that we could get you just what you wanted. And it was great working with you!

  3. James Shaw

    Our Ulrich planfile unit has served our company well over the years. The unit was here when I came to work for this company, so I am not sure when it was purchased. It continues to serve us well. One day the lock broke and we tried to have it repaired by a locksmith, but no luck. I sent an email to the company and got a response very quickly. Barb Berry returned my email and was very helpful by finding me a new lock for our unit. Barb is one of those type of employees that give customers that WOW! moment.

    • Barbara Berry

      Thanks James, thats very kind! I can’t take all the credit I have a great team that makes me look good. Your cabinet was built in the early 1990’s. So a little over 20 years old.

  4. Halene Inoke

    I have had such a great experience with Ulrich. I needed to get my planfile cabinet delivered before December 31, for budget reasons, and it was delivered with time to spare. Barb Berry was amazing to work with. She took my order and kept me informed of the progress on the cabinet from start to finish and was so very helpful and kind. The cabinet is well made and very accessible. I have purchased two cabinets from Ulrich and will most definitely purchase others.

    • Barbara Berry

      Thanks Halene! You are so kind. It was our pleasure.

  5. Don Willis

    Excellent product that is very well made. Should last for a long, long time. Provides plenty of storage space and is easy to access.

    • Barbara Berry

      Thank you Don. We are glad the cabinet is working for you.

  6. Angela R. Click

    Excellent Service, Product and Delivery. Barb Berry provided exceptional customer service as a product representative. We are very pleased with our new PLANFILE and it is functioning very well. The installation was very streamline for our Warehouse technicians due to the packaging and delivery. Thanks again for all your Services…we appreciate your professionalism.

  7. Jim Norton

    Solid product with very reasonable delivery times. Excellent customer service. A+

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