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Pinfile Pin and Post Carrier Strips


Carrier Strips for MP24, MP30 and MP48 Pin and Post style cabinet.

SKU: M217P


Carrier Strips provide protection

Carrier strips keep documents from being smudged or dog eared during filing. In addition providing document support.

Carrier Strips – Easy to use

Although the  strips are only .005″ thick they are very strong. In fact, they are designed to be thin to allow the maximum number of documents to be filed. And the carrier strips are easy to cut to fit your document size. And they are self adhesive. Making them easy to apply. Just romove the strip and attach to the document.


  • White in color
  • Sold 1 roll per box
  • Roll is 217 ft long
  • Height is 2 1/8″ and a thickness of .005
  • Shipping weight is 1.5 pounds.

Compatible Cabinets

For use on Ulrich MP24, MP30 and MP48 Pin and Post Pinfile Cabinets.

Your pins in your cabinet will be 6.5″ on centers. And will look something like this:

Important: Do not use on M24, M30 or M48 Cabinets they need part number M217P.

Need help determining the right part?

Contact us or call at 1-800-346-2875

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in


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