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Replacement Keys for your Ulrich Cabinet


Need to replace lost keys or just to have extra keys in the office. We have replacement keys available for most of our file cabinets.



Replacement Keys for your Ulrich Cabinet

We have all experienced lost keys. Because of a  personnel change. Or an office move, keys become misplaced or lost. Because our cabinets last for generations we want our customers to always have easy access to their filing. For this reason we maintain master keys for most all of our cabinets.

When ordering you will receive two keys that will match with your cabinet lock.

First, to find your key number look at your lock. Inscribed on the lock should be a number. This lock number will let us know what lock and key assembly you have. Next add your lock number to the notes when ordering. But, don’t worry, if you forget we will contact you for your lock information.

Note: Not all key numbers are available.

For use on Planfile, Planfile 2, Minifile, Cadfile, Drawerfile and Pinfile cabinets.

For other replacement parts call our support line for assistance – 800-346-2875.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × .25 in


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