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Blueprint Tags for Rolled Drawings – C118


Whether you are using upright roll files, corrugated roll files or a steel roll file the problem is how to identify your rolled blueprints or drawings. Make identification easy with the Ulrich Index Clip. These blueprint tags and blueprint labels are the perfect solution for labeling rolled drawings. Part Number C118.


SKU: c118


Blueprint Tags – Ulrich Index Clips

These blueprint tags and blueprint labels  are a very effective and efficient way to organize and identify rolled drawings.
Ulrich index clips for labeling roll files. The perfect reusable blueprint id tag

  • Reusable for identification of all your rolled documents
  • Durable
  • Not only identify rolled drawings –  keeps them from unrolling
  • Bright white replaceable label – more labels available
  • Generous size 1 1/8″ diameter label
  • Sold in 50 or 100 quantity package
Use with these Cabinets
  • Upright roll files
  • Corrugated roll files
  • Steel roll files
  • Stackable roll filing boxes
  • Wire upright roll file


Easy to use blueprint roll labels

Simply write identification information on the included blueprint Index Labels and slide the clip on the rolled drawing. The blueprint tags are made to last for years and can be used again and again with available  blueprint tags labels.

Thanks we love this product!

These really help keep our drawing files well organized and it’s easy to find what we are looking for.

Jackie Hoist  – H2A Architects

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Ready for a change from Rolled Drawing Storage?

blueprint roll storage - difficult to label difficult to manage and hard to find the drawings you need. Let Ulrich Plan filing show you a better file method
Rolled blueprint storage done wrong
Rolled Blueprint Storage – great for small collections

Blueprint Roll Storage is a inexpensive way to begin storing your documents. But, as the number of drawings you need to file grows. Finding the drawing you need can quickly become one of the worst parts of your job. Rolling and unrolling numerous sets.

The index clips above give you a great way to tag your blueprints. It stops the rolling and unrolling. But when your collection grows more you find new barriers to efficient work flow.


Scanning numerous index tags is time consuming. Like picking ducks at the carnival. You need to just keep picking until you get the prize.

Rolled drawings can become squished and misshapen. And there is no protection from the environment. Which could mean your drawings are getting damaged on the edges. Or they could be exposed to dust, or even water leaks. One of our customers in California would find dead bugs inside rolled drawings. That is a very gross Cracker Jack surprise!

Of course rolled drawings want to stay rolled. To view them you need to find many small and heavy objects to keep them flat while you work.

No Dead Bugs

If you are looking for a solution to any of these issues moving to an enclosed filing cabinet can be a great solution. There is a cost investment up front – but a big pay back. Better organization. Quick access to your documents, excellent document preservation. And best of all no dust or dead bugs.

Best of all you will gain time to attend to your more important work.

Ready for a cabinet for your documents – try Ulrich Cadfile
Replace two flat file cabinets with one Ulrich Cadfile
Large Document Storage in a small space


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

2 reviews for Blueprint Tags for Rolled Drawings – C118

  1. Tricia

    These clips are great for our office. They are strong and hold well. The labels stay in place and are easily identified to help keep our plans in order.

    • Barbara Berry

      Thanks Tricia. Glad you like them.

  2. Jackie, H2A Architects

    We love this product

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