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Map Storage Cabinet used at Penn State

Map Collection housed in Ulrich Map storage cabinet - Planfile

You can find The Donald W. Hammer Maps Library  in the Central Pattee Library at the heart of the Penn State University Campus.  Notably, this map library is estimated to be one of the 15 largest map libraries in the country. And you will find more than 200,000 maps in this library. Specifically the collection includes Topographic maps, historic maps of Pennsylvania, Fire Insurance Maps and the regional Federal Depository Libraries Program (FDLP) maps collection. Also their collection extends to 4,000 atlases, reference books, gazetteers, cartography texts and historic aerial photographs.

Striving to provide the best to their patrons

Not only do these librarians meet the important job of safeguard the past, they have their feet firmly planted in the here and now. Namely providing digital geospatial data and expert geospatial consulting services, scanning and printing maps, and keeping up with a blog and a number of social media streams. Above all they strive to bring their patrons the best.


“It isn’t any one benefit of the Ulrich Planfile, but rather all the advantages together that we appreciate.”
-Laura Probst, Head of Public Services
Penn State University Library

Notably, the Planfile features that are especially important to the library’s staff and public users:

  • Easy access, easy to use
  • Reduced floor space
  • Fire and water resistance
  • Overall convenience
  • Lockable

These maps are kept safe in these Ulrich map storage cabinets. As shown above the standard lock, fire and water resistance and heavy duty folders provide great protection for these valuable maps. While reducing the floor space normally required for this type of storage. And the fact that these cabinets are easy to file, and that all filing is done at waist height make these Ulrich Planfiles the right map storage cabinets for these maps.

Penn State Map Librarians trust Ulrich Planfiles to preserve important Maps that will support generations of Geospacial Education.