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Ulrich Facility - Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Ulrich Plan file patent. This cabinet was designed for map storage, plan storage, blueprint storage.

Ulrich Facility Location

All of Ulrich’s products are made in the United States in our 42,000 sq. ft. bright and modern facility. The Ulrich facility is  located on 18 park like acres of land midway from Buffalo-Pittsburgh-Cleveland in Lakewood, New York, just off of I-86.


Ulrich Manufacturing Technology

Ulrich facility features state-of-the-art CAD/CAM engineering technology, complete fabrication and finishing capabilities. Ulrich manufactures furniture quality products from sheet metal. Much of Ulrich’s manufactured product is small volume custom sheet metal products. Ulrich provides engineering services to relieve customers of the burden of sheet metal design. The engineering staff at Ulrich are experts in custom sheet metal design. Of course we still maintain and grow our expertise in sheet metal furniture design.  Including large document filing cabinets, standard size file cabinets, tables, chairs and other products.


Ulrich is Proudly made in the USA

Our products are constructed and designed 100% in-house at our Ulrich facility in the USA.

Ulrich Fabrication
2120 4th Ave
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