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Vertical convenient filing in the Fire resistan map storage cabinet. Keeping maps protected from fire, water, dust and other damage. Cabinet has 24 folders.


The Minifile offers the fire resistance and water resistance of the Planfile but in a unit of smaller capacity. For user’s where floor spaces is at a premium, The Minifile can be a real problem solver.

With this system there’s no need for temporary aisle way detours. Filing is done from the opened top. Flat File drawers require at least 50 inches directly in front of the cabinet. The Minifile requires only enough space for the operator to stand.

Minifile Specifications

Part #Max Sheet SizeNo. of FoldersCapacity ActiveCapacity InactiveFolder Number
6024 24″×36″24144024009065
6030 30″×42″24144024009067
6036 36″×48″24144024009068
*Active Capacity: Maximum number of documents for day to day use of the cabinet.
In Active Capacity: Maximum number of documents for monthly or quarterly use of the cabinet.


Minifile Features

The Minifile cuts floor space requirements up to 67%!
The Minifile cuts floor space requirements up to 67%!


Will hold more documents in less space than any other filing system.

Very easy to use because all of the filing is done at waist height.

Holds and protects documents using a unique spring compression system and heavy duty folders.

Standard folders have Mylar reinforced hand holes. Available customization can provide folders to hold several different sized maps, engineering plots, architectural drawings, or any documents in one cabinet.

Offers the security of a standard lock.

Double-wall, steel construction and fire resistant insulation, providing fire protection that no other system can match.

Equipped with heavy duty, lockable, removable casters for complete mobility.

Lower cost per sheet filed than any other system.

Powder-coated finishes.

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