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Vertical Filing Features

Space Saving Design

Our products have a unique compression system that allows you to store far more documents than your typical filing cabinet.

Fire & Water Resistant

Double wall construction to help provide 5-7x better fire resistance. Water apron and lap joint construction design helping prevent water.

Mobile Cabinet

Equipped with sturdy, full swivel ball bearing castors. They can be easily moved from one location to another without being emptied.

Controlled Cover

Function Cover opening and closing is controlled by two gas cylinders. Benefit Provides easy opening and prevents accidental slamming.

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Our Unique Compression System.

Ulrich Planfiles hold more Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Architectural Drawings in less space than any other filing system.

High Capacity and High Density.

Every Ulrich product includes all the great benefits of vertical plan filing
It is the best filing for Map Storage, Blue Print Storage, and Plan Filing.

Also, these cabinets can hold 24″ x 36″, 30″ x 42″ or 36″ x 48″ sized documents. Find out more about the Cadfile, Minifile and Planfile cabinets.

In order to compare vertical vs flat filing we must consider the benefits and difficulties with each.

With flat files there is some level of organization. Each drawer can hold 100 to 200 large documents. Imagine needing to find one sheet of paper in a stack of 100 or 200 sheets of paper. Such as maps, plans, drawings, plans, plats or posters.

Our Unique Compression System.

This seems too good to be true! We accomplish this through the use of our unique compression system. By using 4 rows of conical springs on each of 15 internal pockets, this system maintains bilateral pressure that holds the documents flat, smooth and in place. Reducing the space required for storage. Pressure remains at the same gentle level even at maximum capacity.

Fabric webbing closes the bottom of the 15 internal pockets. This webbing gently grips the bottom of the folder preventing the possibility of documents curling, thereby preventing document damage.

On the top of each of these pockets is a hanger bar. We have added Delrin rollers at the end of each hanger bar which allow them to shift freely. Whether you have just begun to load the Planfile or are reaching maximum capacity. This free movement makes removal and inspection of documents simple, easier and fast. And the rollers ensure gentle even compression.

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