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The Pinfile utilizes an advanced indexing system and quality construction. As a result large document filing is fast and easy. Features such as unique design which holds the lid safely open. And a heavy-duty, zero tolerance door slide. Which allows the unit to operate with ease and stability. The Parallel Pin File gives the most document support. The Ulrich Pin and Post Pinfile is 100% compatible with the Safco Masterfile.

Pinfile Product Sheet    

Safco Masterfile 2 – p/n 5023AH with Ulrich MP24
Safco Masterfile 2 – p/n 5024AH with Ulrich MP30
Safco Masterfile 2 – p/n 5025AH with Ulrich MP48

How to choose Pinfile Cabinet Style?

Parallel Pin Style Pinfile Cabinet –

This style cabinet provides the greatest support for all document sizes. Large Maps, Architectural Plans or Drawings as well as letter sized specifications are all well supported. Because the pins in this cabinet are more closely and regularly spaced than on the Pin and Post Style. Also, this cabinet is more forgiving if there is any unevenness in the floor.  Because the evenly spaced pins only need to pass by each other when opening and closing. However, with the Pin and Post Style Cabinets the pin on the front of the cabinet must match with the hollow post on the back of the cabinet. In other words, unevenness in the floor can cause the pins to hang up in the posts.  Parallel Pin Style Spec Sheet

Pin & Post Style Pinfile Cabinet –

Choose this cabinet if you currently have Pin and Post Style cabinets. As a result all your cabinets will be compatible. Above all use the Pin & Post style if you have a Masterfile 2 Cabinet.  Pin & Post Style Spec Sheet

Pin & Post Style Pinfile – Compatible with Safco Masterfile 2

Part # Max Sheet Size Capacity Pin-Style Height Width Closed Depth Open Depth
MP24   24″×36″ 1200 Pin-&-Post 42-1/8″ 34-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″
MP30   30″×42″ 1200 Pin-&-Post 54-3/8″ 42-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″
MP48   36″×48″ 1200 Pin-&-Post 42-1/8″ 61-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″

Parallel Pin Style

Part # Max Sheet Size Capacity Pin-Style Height Width Closed Depth Open Depth
M24   24″×36″ 1200 Parallel 42-1/8″ 34-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″
M30   30″×42″ 1200 Parallel 54-3/8″ 42-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″
M48   36″×48″ 1200 Parallel 42-1/8″ 61-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″


Pinfile Features

Most common filing system in Europe

Easy system to use with fast efficient filing – typical document retrieval in 15 seconds or less

Various size documents can be filed in one unit

Available in “parallel pin” and “pin & post” configurations

The “pin & post” configuration is equivalent to the Safco Masterfile

Pinfile in use at Asheville Government Offices


How it Works

How the Pinfile Works. First pull the front knob and open the front of the cabinet to it's first position. Second, locate the needed document. Then, pull the documents in front of the needed document forward to the front of the cabinet.  Next, pull the knob up and fully open the front of the cabinet. This will create an opening to remove your document. Hang your document on the document holders on the front of the cabinet.  Pull the knob on the front of the cabinet. Finally easily close the front of the cabinet. Returning the document using the same steps.


First, open the lid. Use the quick reference indexing cards to locate your document. Second, glide open the front of the cabinet until it stops in the reference position. In this position the pins remain overlapped to ensure that no document can fall off. Third, find and center the document you are looking for. Then open the cabinet into its filing position. Next, slide the document off the pins and out either side of the cabinet. Last, use the buttons on the face of the cabinet to hold your document while the cabinet is being opened or closed. The Pinfile’s has two different pin configurations, Parallel and Pin-and-Post. The Pin-and-Post cabinet is equal to the Safco Masterfile. Each of these configurations are each available in three sizes. The Pinfile combines advanced design and sturdy construction. Which creates a filing system that is ahead of its time.

Pinfile Video



7 Standard Colors


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