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Need New Folders And Accesories For Your Planfiling Cabinet?

To complete your Ulrich Planfile, we offer additional folders to meet your needs. Bring organization to your flat file and planfile storage with these our extra storage folders. They are perfect for your engineering prints, blueprint drawers, poster storage or map drawers. Keep your documents from getting curled, wrinkled or damaged from sliding in the drawer. With convenient Handholds it is easy to take the folders filled with documents to a meeting or to work on a project.

Complete Any Filing System

Ulrich Accesories

Products for rolled drawings and vertical file accessories

Planfile Folders

Folders for any vertical filing application

Flat File Folders

Make flat files more useful and protect documents

Ulrich Planfiling Folders

Complete your Ulrich Planfile, we offer additional folders to help keep your documents protected.

Looking For A Custom Design For Your Project?