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NYS and Senator Cathy Young Recognize Ulrich Planfiling

Thank you Senator Young for sponsoring the NYS resolution honoring 100 years of the Ulrich Planfile. This is a testament to the 3 generations of the Ulrich family who founded and ran this company and to the great crew that makes everything happen.

Patent for the Ulrich Plan file for blueprint storage, map storage and drawing storage. Unique spring compression system is a revolutionary replacement for flat file cabinets
Learn more about Ulrich History

The Planfile is simply the best large document filing system money can buy. For users requiring fire resistance, water resistance, and large capacity, The Planfile is the solution. The Planfile replaces 6 flat file cabinets....and it costs less!
Large Document Protection Ulrich Planfile

Heavy Duty Folders for Large Documents, Store Maps, Blueprints, Plans, Engineering Drawings in these heavy duty folders.
Heavy Duty folders for Maps, Blueprints and Plans

Keys to Continued Success – Stellar Century

Dan Berry president of Ulrich Planfiling manufacturer of Custom Sheet metal products and the Ulrich Planfile, a premier filing system for Engineering Prints, Blueprints, Poster Storage and Map Storage
Ulrich serves as a highly skilled extension of it’s customers engineering department.

Continuous business success is an elusive thing. Countless articles and books have been written on the subject. But the best of them are predicated on advice from the front lines—from the leaders of these successful companies.

Two recent Post journal articles tapped Dan Berry, President of Ulrich Planfiling to describe his keys to Ulrich Planfiling’s continued success. Berry describes those keys as follows:

  • Excellent Products
  • Talented and dedicated staff making the product.


Revolutionary patent design for Ulrich Planfile. Providing the first vertical Engineering Print and Map Storage. Bi-lateral pressure on the Engineering Prints and Maps stored in the cabinet by the spring compression system keeps the Plans, Prints and Maps stored in the cabinet smooth and flat.
One of Charles Ulrich’s original Patents for Engineering Prints and Blueprint Storage

Excellent Products

“Our company started 100 years ago when Charles Ulrich patented a revolutionary filing system for engineering prints, architectural plans, map storage and blueprints. This product became known as the premier filing cabinet for large document filing.

This Ulrich Planfile has undergone many improvements and changes over the years, incorporating the latest technology into the improvement of the design and manufacture of this cabinet.


Engineering Print Storage in vertical custom sized cabinets for the United Nations
Ulrich Team creates Custom Cabinets for Engineering Prints for the United Nations.

And that one cabinet has become an entire line of large document filing cabinets. The Planfile was a great idea 100 years ago and it is still the industry “gold standard” for large document storage. Berry described, “It is our talented and dedicated staff that made us successful in manufacturing filing for engineering prints.


Talented and Dedicated Staff

And their talent and dedication poised us perfectly in the 1980’s to leverage our extensive knowledge in precision sheet metal fabrication to develop another segment of our business — custom sheet metal fabrication. Our ability to produce complex fabrications which are close tolerance and highly cosmetic has allowed us to branch out into other areas which include filing systems, furniture, stainless steel cabinetry and tanks, heavy duty HVAC equipment and pretty much any fabrication requiring high quality, competitive pricing, and short lead times.

Custom sheet metal capability highlighted with a large stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning tank.
Ulrich’s custom sheet metal production began in the 1980’s

Since 20% of Ulrich’s workforce have engineering degrees – Ulrich can serve as a highly skilled extension of it’s customers engineering department. Ulrich’s dedicated custom sheet metal fabrication team brings years of experience and extensive industry knowledge to every step of the precision metal fabrication process. From initial engineering design to final assembly of the product. I am proud to have spent the past 21 years with such a talented and dedicated group of people.”

Ulrich President, Dan Berry takes Ice Bucket Challenge!

President of Ulrich Planfiling - Dan Berry takes Ice Bucket challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge

I was nominated by my good friend Dave Wilke to do the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS. I nominated my good friends Eric Livengood, Jamie Carlson and Reid VanEvery.

Special Thanks go to Ben and Alexis Berry for their technical assistance on my #IceBucketChallenge. When you watch the video be aware that this was supposed to be a “dry” run for my Ice Bucket Challenge. Alexis surprised me!


Ulrich YouTube Channel


We are on a mission to make your large document filing decisions easier. One step in fulfilling this mission is the creation of a YouTube Channel.

For people new to Ulrich Products the Channel currently includes  videos describing the Ulrich Planfile, the Ulrich Pinfile, water and fire resistance. Don’t forget to follow the channel because we have three new videos in production!

For our long time Ulrich customers we have our first repair video! With more to come.

Ulrich Planfile Youtube sheet copy

Out with the old…In with the new – Ulrich Planfiling completes $600,000 laser upgrade.

Ulrich has been making the Ulrich Planfile – Blueprint Storage Cabinet for over 100 years. But what you may not have known is that Ulrich is a High quality manufacturer of complex sheet metal fabrications.   One of the reasons we have been successful in doing this is by staying current with modern technology.  For our laser cutting we partnered with Mitsubishi 5 years ago and the process has been so successful we decided to trade in our old machine on a new Mitsubishi 4500 watt laser.  Ulrich President Dan Berry commented  “By investing in top notch equipment and great employees Ulrich has been able to adjust to a marketplace that requires high quality and fast lead times at competitive prices”.  “This new laser represents just one of several investments in the future of our company, our employees, our families, and most importantly our customers”.

Ulrich removes 5 year old Mitsubishi laser to make room for new laser technology.
Ulrich’s 5 year old laser comming out …………….
Mitsubishi 4500 watt laser  for complex sheet metal fabrication.
Ulrich’s new Mitsubishi laser going in.