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Each Ulrich Product is a blank canvas that can be customized and configured to resolve your specific filing requirement while fitting in beautifully with your decor.

Custom Room Layouts and Cabinet Recommendations

Ulrich customer service in conjunction with our engineering staff can help you determine the floor space requirements (and the savings compared to flat drawers) and the best combination of cabinets to meet not just your current requirements but also future needs. Once you provide us with an estimate of the quantity and sizes of your documents and the dimensions of the room where your filing system will live, we can provide you with a Custom Room Layout, showing the exact space requirements and placement of each cabinet. This service includes a drawing of your room, with the placement of the cabinets and a quotation complete with delivery charges. Call us today at 800-346-2875.

Expert Technical Support

You are an expert at your job, and don’t need to gain a PhD in Large Document Filing. You need someone who can take your specific filing needs and analyze the filing options available, and present them to you for your decision. We believe so strongly in this that each member of our staff has an engineering background and double digit years of experience in this industry. We manufacture all of our products as well as use them ourselves – so we understand them down to the smallest detail. We make this expertise available to you. Our experience as an industry leader in Large Document Filing since 1915 is available to you today through our current staff. With Ulrich there is never a charge for the expertise we provide.

Customize – Multiple Size Documents in Single Cabinet

Ulrich Planfiles can be easily customized to hold various sizes of documents in a single cabinet. Through the use of different sizes of folders and filler pockets you can convert part or all of your Planfile cabinet to hold multiple size documents. Filler pockets are made to order and are used to bring the tops of smaller size folders even with full size folders. They act as false bottoms, holding the shorter folders even with the taller ones. Ulrich customer service can help you determine the best way to solve your specific filing requirements. We will need to know the sizes of your documents, an estimate of the quantity of each size and the type of material you will be filing (bond, vellum, film, etc.). With Ulrich there is never a charge for the expertise we provide.

Custom Colors and Finishes

At Ulrich we have 7 standard colors offered in a durable powder coated textured finish. We are not bound by just these standard colors and our Customer Service Team has worked with many customers on projects requiring special colors, textures, and gloss. For a small up charge we can help you match colors on existing furniture and in most cases can accommodate matching colors from most of the major office furniture manufacturers. If you have a special need give us a call at (800) 346-2875 and we will be happy to walk you through the process. Our goal is to help you get exactly what you want.

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