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About Ulrich Fabrication

Planfiling Industry Leaders For Over 90 Years

In 1915 Charles B. Ulrich patented a revolutionary vertical filing system for large documents, called the Ulrich Planfile. Building on this original technology and with a desire to provide Ulrich Planfiling customers with premier large document filing products and solutions — an entire line of map, poster, plan, drawing and print filing products have been developed. All Ulrich Planfile cabinets are designed and manufactured in the United States, in our Lakewood, New York facility, featuring the highest quality of sheet metal fabrication, finish, and function. More on History… Our Facility – Lakewood, NY

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Long Lasting, High Quality Products & Excellent Product Support

At Ulrich Fabrication Inc we treat each customer and each project as if it is our most important. It’s this attitude that sums up our commitment to satisfy, you – our customers. Our people are hired and trained with you and your company in mind. Our investment in state of the art equipment, and the customer service and production systems we use – ensure your success. You can see it in the overall quality of our products and services.

You deserve large document filing systems are simply the best products and the best solution in the market. Ulrich Fabrication Inc products are well built and designed to last not just years but generations. Vertical filing is the best solution for storing large documents, and Ulrich Planfiling products are the best built in the industry. 

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Ulrich Manufacturing Technology

Ulrich facility features state-of-the-art CAD/CAM engineering technology, complete fabrication and finishing capabilities. Ulrich manufactures furniture quality products from sheet metal. Much of Ulrich’s manufactured product is small volume custom sheet metal products. Ulrich provides engineering services to relieve customers of the burden of sheet metal design. The engineering staff at Ulrich are experts in custom sheet metal design. Of course we still maintain and grow our expertise in sheet metal furniture design. Including large document filing cabinets, standard size file cabinets, tables, chairs and other products.


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