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New PF510 Cadfile available for 30″ x 42″ size documents!

Cadfile is now available for the popular 30” x 42” size documents.

Ulrich is pleased to announce that our low-cost and space saving Cadfile is now available for 30” x 42” documents. This document size is very common with architects, utilities, government, tax offices and facility managers. Many building plans and landscape drawings are 30” x 42” plus this is a popular size because of the 30” wide plotters that are now available. The new Cadfile, called the PF510 joins the PF500 for documents sized 24” x 36” to offer the best filing solution for collections of 1000 documents or less.

Cadfiles will fit almost anywhere, extending less than 11” from the wall; they even fit in small offices or cubicles. Optional wheels make it easy to move even a fully loaded Cadfile and the lid opens 180 degrees to serve as a reference shelf. Compared to flat drawer files, there really is no comparison. Cadfile costs less, holds more, requires way less space