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2015 Manufacturing Summit

Ulrich owners discuss small business concerns with Congressman Reed.
Congressman Reed meets with Ulrich owners

On May 28, 2015 Congressman Tom Reed hosted a Manufacturing summit. Bringing together manufacturing industry leaders, government agencies and trade representatives to promote a more successful manufacturing base in Western, NY.

Representing Ulrich Planifling was Eric Livengood, Director of Sales and Marketing and Dan Berry, President.

“I was impressed by the level of expertise of the presenters. They provided information that I hadn’t realized and am sure will be useful to manufacturers in developing new business” stated Dan Berry.

“It was a rewarding experience both personally and professionally.” said Eric Livengood, “I appreciate Tom Reed organizing the event. You could see the commitment Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY), Congressman Glen ‘GT’ Thomas (R-PA), and Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY) have to spend a day with manufacturers. The congressmen listened to our concerns and questions while filling us in on important legislative activity. The congressman also invited expert speakers to provided information key to exporting products outside of the US.”

Dan Berry stated in a letter of appreciation to Tom Reed, “My college career and all of my adult working life has been focused on being a successful manufacturer and I am very appreciative of the focus and attention you are bringing to this very important topic.”

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Ulrich Planfiling specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication, including precision sheet metal fabrication in the office furniture business as well as many other industries. In addition Ulrich Planfiling is know for it’s line of large document filing systems.