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Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturer Improves Customer Service

Factory of Ulrich Planfiling a custom sheet metal manufacturer. Manufacturer of Large Document Filing Cabinet and Custom Sheet metal fabrication

Ulrich – focus on the customer

Ulrich Planfiling has launched a new project to improve service to it’s Planfile as well as our custom sheet metal fabrication customers. President Dan Berry describes the changes, “Today’s current business environment is more complex than ever. Customers are ordering smaller production runs on a more frequent basis. Causing most businesses to have to process many more orders just to maintain the same volume of sales. Of course, this has put a strain on our business systems.”

Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturer

Ulrich is a custom sheet metal manufacturer with an expertise for high quality custom product. Notably, Ulrich’s large engineering staff has a great deal of design and production knowledge.  As a result allowing them to create the best most producible product. Consequently, saving time and money in production. While the highly trained production staff creates a high finish quality product.

Press Brake used by staff at Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturer - Ulrich Planfiling

Partnership for improved customer service

Custom sheet metal manufacturer, Ulrich is partnering with Insyte Consulting. Together they will analyze current business system requirements and map future system needs. This is a detailed analysis. Which will lead to the selection of a new state of the art computer system. This system will dramatically improve customer service and improve profitability.

There are two programs, each providing a portion of the funding for this project. Namely, Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand sponsor the first portion of the funding. In particular, this program supports small and medium-sized manufacturers in Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties. While this Manufacturing productivity improvement program provides technical assistance to businesses in manufacturing, process improvement and customized training.

In addition, NYS Senator Cathy Young secured funding for trans-formative investment programs in upstate NY as the second source of partial funding.  Of course, funds from these programs will make many Southern Tier Manufacturers more competitive and create high paying jobs in the area.

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