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BluePrint Storage in 75% less space

Full Featured, Easy to Use BluePrint Storage at Dickten Masch 

Blueprint storage is important for the busy process engineering department at Dickten Mash Plastics. They had been using flat filing cabinets for a number of years and were frustrated with the limitations of this type of file cabinet, after careful consideration they choose the Ulrich Cadfile as their solution for blueprint storage:
flat filing cabinet for blueprint storage takes up too much space and is difficult to use.
blueprint storage with cadfile, saves 75% over flat filing cabinet

Flat Filing Cabinet Limitations

  • Too much floor space – 16 sq ft
  • Difficult to use
  • Hard to find needed print
  • Blueprints curl at edges and tear
  • Cabinet is heavy, needs to be disassembled to move

Cadfile Cabinet Benefits

  • Sits 10 3/4″ from the wall – only 6 sq. ft.
  • Easy to use
  • 20 Folders keep blueprints organized
  • Blueprints are flat and smooth – like new
  • Mobile, with heavy duty casters – rolls easily through standard 32″ door.


The floor space savings alone made it worth the change! Also, Matt Schneider of Dickten Masch Plastics, was convinced that the blue prints would be easier to access and better protected in Ulrich Cadfiles. And the Cadfiles ease of filing, means that blueprints are re-filed instead of stacked on top. The department functions better with the Ulrich Cadfile.Price Comparison Ulrich Cadfile to Flat filesDownloadable version of this article.Have more storage than Dickten Masch?

Cadfile same blueprint storage as  2 – five drawer flat filing cabinets
Minifile  same blueprint storage as  3 – five drawer flat filing cabinets
Planfile  same blueprint storage as   6 – five drawer flat filing cabinets

Large Document Storage Options

Ulrich Cad file is great for any type of large document storage, many people call it the “vertical flat filing cabinet”. Use it for poster storage, plan storage, map storage, architectural and engineering drawing storage, blueprint storage or anytime large documents need to be easily and safely filed and protected.

Archival Quality Blue print Storage

Need Archival Quality blue print, poster, map or plan storage the Ulrich Cad file is the perfect option. Powder Coated and available with Archival quality folder paper, your important historical maps, drawings, plans and poster can be preserved for generations to come.