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Many of the worlds leading engineering, architectural and manufacturing companies use Ulrich Planfiling  for their large document filing systems. In fact, Ulrich makes filing products for virtually any application where storing large documents is a requirement. Ulrich large document filing systems have found a place in industry, government, educational facilities and libraries. Feel free to review a list of Ulrich Planfile Customers.

Some noted users of Large Document Filing Systems include:


Ulrich products are ideal for active blue prints, engineering and architectural drawings or plans. For busy offices where Large Documents are accessed frequently, Ulrich provides large document filing systems that can’t be beat. The heavy duty “Tuff-One” folders come with the Planfile System, providing great document organization. Making it easy to find the right document. And our unique large document filing systems let you remove the document you need in seconds, and return it to the cabinet just as quickly.


If you need filing for archival storage, documents you need to keep for historical or legal reasons that you need to access infrequently, Ulrich has the perfect solution. The fire resistant, water resistant and dust resistant design, keep these documents in like new condition forever.


Companies, government agencies, universities, secondary schools, libraries, and museums love Ulrich Large Document Filing Systems and return to Ulrich again and again. Not only are Ulrich filing cabinets easy to use they are reliable. Ulrich Cabinets last for generations.


Ulrich the ultimate choice for your large document filing system. On the sidebar is a partial list of customers and case study installations where Ulrich solved difficult filing issues. We would like to do the same for you.

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