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City of Denton Blueprint Storage Cabinets

City of Denton chooses Ulrich Blueprint Storage Cabinets.

City of Denton is a large and growing city they prefer Ulrich Planfiles for their blueprint storage cabinets

The City of Denton is beautiful and prosperous. And located just north of Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. Notably, with a population of over 113 thousand, they are in the top 25 fastest growing cities in the US for their size.

Ron Forsythe is the very busy Engineering Manager in charge of plans for the city’s buildings and roads.

“Do to centralizing of our offices we have at least one of every filing system on the market; we have Flatfile Cabinets, Masterfile- Pinfile type cabinets and of course the Ulrich Planfiles. Of all of these the Ulrich Planfile is by far the easiest to use.

Besides being easy to use it keeps the plans in great shape I have used the Ulrich Planfiles for years and when we need additional map or plan storage we call Ulrich. We appreciate their friendly and efficient customer service,” says Ron.

Ulrich Planfiles are the blueprint storage cabinets of choice for City of Denton over Flat file cabinets and Masterfile cabinets
City of Denton chooses Ulrich Planfiles over Flat File and Masterfile Cabinets

“Ulrich cabinets keep our documents in great condition and are built to last; I recommend them to my colleagues.”


Features that make the Planfile blueprint storage cabinets easy to use.

Moreover, the fact that the Planfile cabinet is easy to use is the best feature for the City of Denton. For one thing, you can performs all filing at waist height, unlike flat file cabinets. Certainly, the Planfile’s 60 “tuff-one” folders organize and protect these important documents.

Notably the best feature of the Planfile blueprint storage cabinets is the spring compression system. Because of this unique system, the documents are easily retrieved without having to remove the folder from the cabinet. Equally it is just as easy to refile the documents. See how the cabinet works in the video below.


All of these features and……………..they cost less!

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