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Green Statement

Eco FootprintWe at Ulrich Planfiling believe that each day, with growing urgency, we must address and reduce our carbon footprint. Now, more than ever, we must monitor our manufacturing practices to ensure increased sustainability at all levels of production, shipping and business activities. We have prepared a Green Statement to make certain our goal to our customers, suppliers and industry associates. This goal is a dedication to quality, in our products and in our environmental practices. We have outlined several key priorities to continue and furthermore, increase as we move forward.


At Ulrich, for many years, we have recycled all scrap sheet metal, cardboard, paper products and folder material. We will continue these efforts, looking for ways to make the best use of the raw materials in our plant and business offices to increase the sustainability of our manufacturing.

Energy Efficiency:

The manufacturing process, while requiring energy; presents an opportunity to conserve and reduce the consumption of energy through better practices. “Making more with less.” Ulrich is committed to reducing our energy requirements because it is better for the environment and better for business. Some examples of this commitment include the installation of high efficiency lighting through out of facility and switching to lower temperature parts cleaning; both significantly reducing energy consumption.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing:

Finding the best methods and processes to manufacture quality products with the least impact on the environment is a priority for Ulrich. For example; we were quick to switch to powder coating as a finish for most of our products. Powder coating releases none of the hazardous air pollutants common to wet painting methods while providing a better and more durable finish. Our factory is a clean, modern and safe place to work.

Growing Systems for Responding to Laws and Regulations:

Ulrich is always quick to respond to new regulations and laws set forth by the government and business-governing associations. We will continue to heed to these requirements and as more and more environmental concerns are addressed, we hope to decrease the time necessary to appropriately respond to new directives.

Respect for our Natural Landscape:

Ulrich maintains a clean and attractive facility that includes multiple acres of undeveloped land. These acres, which include forests and fields, are home to wildlife and diverse eco systems. We are good neighbors both to our community and to our natural environment.