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Architectural Drawing Storage – Great Protection and Space Saving

Architectural Drawing Storage for premier architectural firm

All things considered among New York architectural firms Habiterra stands out. To be sure they are a premier architecture and landscape architecture firm. Of course there are a number of reasons this firm stands out. First is their commitment to inspiring design and enriching the community. In addition a deep dedication to high quality and a commitment to their customer make them special. Hence their choice of an Ulrich Planfile for their architectural drawing storage made us proud.

With this successful history and many noteworthy projects to their credit they have accumulated a lot of valuable drawings. Habiterra uses Ulrich Planfiles to store, protect and maintain their extensive and growing drawing collection.

architectural drawing storage

Planfile chosen for architectural drawing storage

Among the many features of the Planfile, two specific features are of greatest importance to Habiterra. Namely the space savings and document protection stand out. At Habiterra, more than 39,000 drawings are stored in Ulrich Planfiles. Any other filing system would require more than twice the floor space of these Ulrich Planfiles. In addition these cabinets are on wheels. Therefore they are easy to move. Also they are easy to re-arrange.

In fact Ulrich is an industry leader in document protection. While no other large document filing system has fire protection or water protection. In contrast Ulrich offers both! In addition Ulrich Planfiles maintain drawings in great condition. Because of our unique compression system and heavy duty folders..

  • First Space saving design requires less than ½ the space of flat drawer files.
  • While fire and water-resistant construction provide document protection.
  • Also Planfiles are easy to use
  • In fact Planfiles maintain documents in great condition.

In fact Ulrich organized rolled drawings

Even the rolled drawings at Habiterra use an Ulrich Solution. While it can be difficult to find draings that are stored on shelves and in cubby hole. In short these drawings are easy to index and identify with Ulrich Index Clips.

In the picture Krista Thorsell and Bob Arnone access one of 12 Ulrich Planfiles. While these Planfiles are providing architectural drawing storage for more than 39,000 drawings at Habiterra Architecture