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Miami County Engineering Office – Tax Map Storage in Ulrich Two Drawer Files

The very busy Miami County Engineering Office in Ohio is responsible for the storage and retrieval  of 13,200 survey plats, 3,800 record plats, 2,500 tax maps, 745 aerial photos as well as numerous other maps and atlases.

Heavy Duty Tax Map Storage File Cabinets by Ulrich. These store 18" x 24" Maps, ANSI C size
Tax Map Storage in Ulrich Two Drawer Filing Cabinet
Tax Map Storage in Easy to Use Heavy Duty Map Files by Ulrich Planfiling
Maps filed in these cabinets are accessed regularly since 1974.









The Engineering office has used Ulrich Model number 1180, two drawer file cabinets to file and preserve these mylar drawings since 1974. The Cabinets are filled with 18” x 24” documents; Architectural C size and Engineering A2 size map storage.

ANSI C Size Maps Filed in Ulrich Heavy Duty Filing Cabinet
ANSI C Size Maps Filed

These cabinets hold up to the busy engineering office, holding hundreds of pounds of materials. Some of the cabinets have been in service for almost 30 years! What makes this cabinet so reliable is the Ulrich Model 1180 has custom drawer rails that are designed to hold up to 500 lbs each.

Ulrich Drawerfile cabinets offer the best document protection as well as easy filing and retrieval of maps, plans, and plats. This is due to Ulrich’s unique spring compression system as well as 112 folders that come standard with the cabinet. The spring compression system and tuff one folders keep the documents organized, flat, protected, and in as good a shape as when they were created. They also make filing these mylars easy!

Dennis Ventura, Miami County Deputy Engineer say, “We’ve used the plan files since I’ve been here in the 80’s. They keep our mylars in very good shape.”

Jamestown Audubon


Ulrich is the choice for storage of drawings, plans, posters and signs for the Jamestown Audubon Center and Sanctuary, in their important mission to connect people to the planet through educational experiences at the center and throughout the region.

Ulrich Planfiles

Above: Jeff Tome, Senior Naturalist at the Jamestown Audubon shows signs for the Audubon’s Enchanted Forest that takes place every Halloween. Children dress up and meet “animals” that live in the Forest. Volunteers dress as indigenous animals and teach children, in an entertaining way, about the animal’s role in the natural world. The signs for this wonderful event are kept safe and organized in an Ulrich Minifile.

Architectural & Engineering Drawings

The Audubon Center includes a 3-story nature center building contains a nature store, a small collection of live fish, reptiles and amphibians, and interactive displays. The building sits on a 600-acre wetland preserve which includes over five miles of beautifully maintained trails. All of the Architectural and Engineering Drawings are organized in an Ulrich Minifile. This was important when the Audubon recently performed a number of changes to update the centers lighting and conserve electrical energy, including the addition of Solar Panels. The ready accessibility of the Electrical Plans was important to this award winning project’s success.

Signs and Posters are stored in Minifile

Throughout the year the Audubon Center offers a wide variety of events for people of all ages. Each of these events requires signs for everything from event parking to signs for each of the activities:

“In the past we have had to reproduce our signs and posters each time we held an event. There was no central location to house the signs and no way to keep them from being damaged. We love our Ulrich Minifile Cabinet. We can organize our signs for each event in a folder. When it comes time for the event it takes seconds to retrieve last year’s signs and we are ready, and most important they are in the same or better condition than when we stored them last year.” Says Jeff Tome, Senior Naturalist.

alexis-at-audubon-center-copyIn addition the cabinet is so small and mobile; we can keep it tucked away in a storage closet when not in use. The Ulrich Minifile has been a great organizational tool allowing us to focus more time on our mission to connect people to the environment.

We recommend you visit the Audubon center in Jamestown or find one in your area. It is a great place to enjoy nature with your family and friends.

The national Audubon website is www.audubon.org.. Don’t miss out – Visit one of them today!

Architectural Drawing Storage – Great Protection and Space Saving

Architectural Drawing Storage for premier architectural firm

All things considered among New York architectural firms Habiterra stands out. To be sure they are a premier architecture and landscape architecture firm. Of course there are a number of reasons this firm stands out. First is their commitment to inspiring design and enriching the community. In addition a deep dedication to high quality and a commitment to their customer make them special. Hence their choice of an Ulrich Planfile for their architectural drawing storage made us proud.

With this successful history and many noteworthy projects to their credit they have accumulated a lot of valuable drawings. Habiterra uses Ulrich Planfiles to store, protect and maintain their extensive and growing drawing collection.

architectural drawing storage

Planfile chosen for architectural drawing storage

Among the many features of the Planfile, two specific features are of greatest importance to Habiterra. Namely the space savings and document protection stand out. At Habiterra, more than 39,000 drawings are stored in Ulrich Planfiles. Any other filing system would require more than twice the floor space of these Ulrich Planfiles. In addition these cabinets are on wheels. Therefore they are easy to move. Also they are easy to re-arrange.

In fact Ulrich is an industry leader in document protection. While no other large document filing system has fire protection or water protection. In contrast Ulrich offers both! In addition Ulrich Planfiles maintain drawings in great condition. Because of our unique compression system and heavy duty folders..

  • First Space saving design requires less than ½ the space of flat drawer files.
  • While fire and water-resistant construction provide document protection.
  • Also Planfiles are easy to use
  • In fact Planfiles maintain documents in great condition.

In fact Ulrich organized rolled drawings

Even the rolled drawings at Habiterra use an Ulrich Solution. While it can be difficult to find draings that are stored on shelves and in cubby hole. In short these drawings are easy to index and identify with Ulrich Index Clips.

In the picture Krista Thorsell and Bob Arnone access one of 12 Ulrich Planfiles. While these Planfiles are providing architectural drawing storage for more than 39,000 drawings at Habiterra Architecture