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Tom Reed Presents Congressional Proclamation to Ulrich Planfiling

Tom Reed presents Congressional Proclamation to Ulrich Planfiling
Ulrich Owners and Congressman Tom Reed

Congressman Tom Reed recently visited Ulrich Planfiling to acknowledge the 100th Anniversary of the Ulrich Planfile. He presented Ulrich owners with a Congressional Proclamation acknowledging the amazing efforts from 1915 with Charles Ulrich’s initial invention to the successful business today. Three generations of the Ulrich Family and the current ownership have created a company with a culture of quality products and process as well as a strong concern for customer satisfaction. This along with a quality well trained workforce, and a drive toward constant improvement have made Ulrich Planfiling a premier manufacturer of custom sheet metal products as well as the Ulrich Planfile line of products.

Congressman Reed congratulates Ulrich Planfiling on 100 years of large document filing business.
Congressman Reed Congratulates Ulrich

Congressman Reed and Ulrich Owners discuss small business concerns in front of the many Ulrich Patents.
Ulrich Owners discuss small business concerns.

Ulrich owners discuss small business concerns with Congressman Reed.
Congressman Reed meets with Ulrich owners

Congressman Reed tours final assembly where the Ulrich large document filing cabinets and custom sheet metal manufacturing products are assembled and shipped.
Congressman Reed tours final assembly

Eric Livengood discusses small business issues with Congressman Tom Reed
Owner Eric Livengood and Congressman Tom Reed

Tom Reed sees custom sheet metal products being washed and dried in preparation for painting.
Congressman Reed and the wash conveyor

Congressman Tom Reed sees the press brake that performs the initial forming for Ulrich custom sheet metal products and filing cabinets
Tom Reed views sheet metal fabrication in brake room

Congressman Tom Reed see's the break room at Ulrich Planfiling where sheet steel is cut and formed. It is the first step in the custom sheet metal fabrication process.
Ulrich Owner Dan Berry and Congressman Tom Reed.

Congressman Tom Reed and Dan Berry discuss the Ulrich Plan file - vertical filing features for map storage
Congressman Reed studies the Ulrich Plan file.

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The Planfile is simply the best large document filing system money can buy. For users requiring fire resistance, water resistance, and large capacity, The Planfile is the solution. The Planfile replaces 6 flat file cabinets....and it costs less!
Best Large Document Protection Ulrich Planfile

Custom sheet metal capability highlighted with a large stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning tank.
Ulrich’s custom sheet metal fabrication

Organize your flat file storage with Ulrich flat file folders. File your engineering prints, map drawers, poster storage or blueprint storage with these heavy duty folders.
Flat File Cabinets Organization