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NYS and Senator Cathy Young Recognize Ulrich Planfiling

Thank you Senator Young for sponsoring the NYS resolution honoring 100 years of the Ulrich Planfile. This is a testament to the 3 generations of the Ulrich family who founded and ran this company and to the great crew that makes everything happen.

Patent for the Ulrich Plan file for blueprint storage, map storage and drawing storage. Unique spring compression system is a revolutionary replacement for flat file cabinets
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The Planfile is simply the best large document filing system money can buy. For users requiring fire resistance, water resistance, and large capacity, The Planfile is the solution. The Planfile replaces 6 flat file cabinets....and it costs less!
Large Document Protection Ulrich Planfile

Heavy Duty Folders for Large Documents, Store Maps, Blueprints, Plans, Engineering Drawings in these heavy duty folders.
Heavy Duty folders for Maps, Blueprints and Plans

Ulrich President, Dan Berry takes Ice Bucket Challenge!

President of Ulrich Planfiling - Dan Berry takes Ice Bucket challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge

I was nominated by my good friend Dave Wilke to do the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS. I nominated my good friends Eric Livengood, Jamie Carlson and Reid VanEvery.

Special Thanks go to Ben and Alexis Berry for their technical assistance on my #IceBucketChallenge. When you watch the video be aware that this was supposed to be a “dry” run for my Ice Bucket Challenge. Alexis surprised me!