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National Public Works Week a Chance to Give Thanks to Public Works Professionals

National Public Works Week – May 15 – 21


Are you taken for granted?

Have people ever taken a job you’ve done for granted?   While you do it day in and day out, no one seems to thank you or even notice. For this reason, this week is for people who take care of all of us every day with little appreciation. In fact, we often greet them with complaint or a longer wish list. After all, what do I have to be thankful for you ask? To begin with, let’s take a look at a day in your life. Surprisingly, you will find all the items highlighted green are thanks to public works professionals.

Morning of the first day of  National Public Works Week

First thing in the morning you crawl out of bed to a room at the perfect temperature. Next you turn on the light. Then into the bathroom and turn on the water, and grab your toothpaste to brush your teeth. Even though you are minutes into your morning routine you have used services from at least 5 public works departments.

After you are ready for your day, you jump in your car. As you drive down the street you come to the stop sign at the end of your street. Of course, you can see the sign clearly because that tree has been trimmed back to make room. And the tall grass on the left has been removed making a clear view of the road. Now it’s time to pick up your favorite coffee at the busy intersection. And you are grateful there is a left-hand turn lane at the light to make it easy to get into the coffee house. Finally, you jump on the highway for your quick ride to work. Remembering how it used to take you twice as long before the highway was created.

You haven’t even made it to your morning destination and you have utilized the following public works services:

  • Power
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Road workers
  • Road designers
  • Traffic flow and design
  • Property deeds recording
  • Maintenance workers

Of course, these are just a few of your public works professionals.

Other departments to thank!

  • Parks
  • Recreational areas – like shorelines, lakes etc
  • Public building creation and maintenance
  • Sanitation workers
  • Dog control
  • And the list goes on and on

So thank a local public works professional today.

Here at Ulrich Planfiling

We at Ulrich Planfiling would like to thank all of the wonderful public works professionals that care for our families and make our lives easier, safer, more enjoyable and more productive. Also, we would like all of the public works professionals that we have had the privilege to work with professionally.
Plan Storage made easy and secure at Jamestown BPU - Celebrate National Public Works Week

Jamestown BPU

Town of Manchester

Asheville Government Offices

National School Librarian Day – 2017

April 4th is National School Librarian Day.  Significantly we set aside this day to honor all school librarians. In the hope that they understand how much we appreciate them and the central role they play in furthering the education of all of us.

National School Librarian Day at primary and secondary schools

First, Librarians spend countless hours organizing thousands of items. In order to make it easy for their patrons to easily find items that match their interests and passions. Not to mention they create an environment that is fun to explore and find passions we didn’t know we had. As an illustration, our favorite school librarians Mrs. Livengood at Jefferson, Mrs. Zimmer at Clymer and Mrs. Trapani at Frewsburg schools, provide bright and inviting learning spaces.  Certainly their students are molded by these wonderful learning environments. Of course we wish them and their colleagues a wonderful National School Librarian Day.

Post Secondary Librarians

Significantly librarians house information critical to the study and advancement of our world. Including our favorite university map librarians at Penn State and the University of Arizona. Indeed these collections contribute to:

  • First cartographic projections – understanding the size, shape and position of all lands.
  • Second, human geography – study of the relationship between people and their environments.
  • Next, the exploration of geneology via land ownership maps.
  • Fourth the evolution of populated areas.
  • Not to mention earth and mineral science.
  • Sixth the study of human history.
  • As well as political science.
Happy National Librarian Day to All Librarians!

Overall from primary school to the university level these librarians are key to our development as well as the future study of our world. In essence these librarians spark our first interest in reading, researching and in depth study. In summary we are thankful to you all and we wouldn’t be here without you! Happy National Librarian Day to you all.

Libraries that have Ulrich large document file cabinets
Map Library University of AZ
Ulrich map storage cabinet used to file Topographical maps at Penn State Univeristy
Map Library Penn State
Jefferson Middle School
Frewsburg Secondary School
Frewsburg Secondary School
Clymer Secondary School




Eric Livengood, Ulrich Owner helps community children

Eric Livengood, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ulrich Planfiling, serves the community in many ways. This week in his role on the board of the Jessie Smith Darrah Fund, he joined with the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation to benefit the after school drop in program at the Boys and Girls club. This drop in center provides a productive, fun and safe place for children to go after school.
The Boys & Girls Club of Jamestown provide structured activities in a safe in supervised environment for youth ages 5 through 18 weekdays after school and evenings, Saturdays, all school holidays, and vacations periods including summer vacation. This far reaching program focuses on academic success, good character, citizenship and healthy lifestyles, while providing a safe and supportive environment. Serving 1,740 different youth members throughout the year, this program focuses on those members that are most in need.

Ulrich Owner, Eric Livengood gives generously of his time to a number of charitable organizations in the area. One of the organizations Eric works with is the Jessie Smith Darrah Fund. The Jessie Smith Darrah Fund in conjunction with the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and the Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation, contributed $37,000 dollars to support these children helping them grow and learn in a safe and supportive environment.

We thank Eric and all the other members who through their hard work and support make this program possible.

Ulrich Supports Hospice Event with Custom Sheet Metal

photo StarThis Holiday season the annual Light A Life Memorial Tree event through Hospice of Chautauqua County will be taking place once again. Anyone who purchases a Christmas tree ornament or makes a donation of ten dollars or more will have a metal star on the trees during the event. All of the profits go to support patients and family members of those with terminal illness. Ulrich is proud to be supporting this benevolent event.

Ulrich is happy to be involved with the Light A Life Memorial Tree Event this year through the custom sheet metal manufacturing portion of their business. Ulrich has donated 1,000 stainless steel stars that once put on the trees, will reflect the lights and make for lovely decorations. These stars were manufactured locally here at Ulrich Planfiling and will be an excellent way to decorate a tree meant to light up the night.

For more information or to support this event checkout Hospice’s webpage at:



Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Featured – Manufacturing Engineering

Ulrich Planfiling custom sheet metal fabrication begins with Mitsubishi Laser

Ulrich is excited to be featured in Manufacturing Engineering Magazine. The article focuses on Ulrich’s custom sheet metal fabrication capabilities and custom line of large document filing cabinets.

Laser Upped Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Capability

More than six years ago Ulrich upped it’s game by adding  laser cutting technology. Overall the laser resulted in much greater manufacturing versatility. In addition the laser had much faster production time. Recently, a new Mitsubishi 301eX-45CF-R laser with a 4500-W resonator replaced the old laser.  This laser creates a 40% increase in production speed.

After all the benefit of the laser it can cut the parts in small lots. Once the laser has cut the parts. They move to a state of the art press brakes, with six-axis back gauges and quick-change tooling. The laser makes precision cuts with virtually any radius. As a result, the laser can even cut letters from the steel. “You would need a different punch tool for every letter processing them on a punch press.” says Jamie Carlson, Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing. An added benefit of the laser is little to no deburring required. Ulrich is typically cutting 1/4″ (3 mm) steel or thinner.


In addition the laser protects the steel with peel away protective film. Ulrich has used this protective film to improve product finish. “Our manufacturing for furniture grade products is held to a high standard. It’s all about finish and look and suitability for the application,” says Eric Livengood, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Stainless steel has to be handled carefully to avoid scratches or other blemishes for furniture used in libraries, Universities, and other institutions. It’s a part of our shop culture and employees  are trained to leave the protective film on as long as possible during processing with the laser–even leaving notches on corners where welding is done.”

Fabrication of Stainless Steel Tanks

Likewise, Ulrich makes a variety of stainless steel tanks. In fact, some stainless steel takes  are as big as a small car. While, labs precision clean parts in other smaller tanks.  In particular, the computer chip industry cleans silicon wafers in this type of stainless steel tanks.

Additional Production Capability

In addition custom sheet metal fabrication is accomplished using the following:

  • 95 ton Trumf TruBend 5085 press brake
    • with six-axis back gauge
    • quick-change tooling
    • and extra stroke
  • 230 ton Cincinnati Autobend hydraulic press brake
    • with six-axis back gauge
    • quick-changeholders
    • and extra stroke
  • CNC punch press
  • welders capable of MIG, TIG and resistance welding

Also, a full CAD/CAM engineering service capability provides an important service to customers. Engineering staff works closely with customers to develop high quality product designs.


Read more in Manufacturing Engineering 

pdf of Manufacturing Engineering Article