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Asheville Government Office

Map Storage for Asheville NC

The large number of property and tax maps belonging to the government office in Asheville, NC demanded a sophisticated method for filing and organizing. The county office now utilizes a number of Ulrich Pinfiles, which effectively and efficiently manage the maps and their frequent usage.

The maps at this office are used by the general public, contractors and government workers; therefore, the filing system needed to be easy to use. With so many potential users, the ergonomics were an important consideration, as was the ability to access each individual map quickly. Space was limited and the county office hoped to find a system with the capacity to file all the maps in one room—- with space remaining for the large format copy machines and plotters.

Flat files were deemed too difficult for the users because the individual maps would be stacked in drawers containing close to 100 maps per drawer. Replacing a map pulled from the bottom of a drawer would be almost impossible. Furthermore, flat files would have cost more and there was simply not enough room to house this inefficient model. The county office chose the Ulrich Pinfile for the great benefits it affords.

  • Ease of use and ergonomics with all filing done at a comfortable height.
  • Great individual map access. Users only handle the map they want.
  • Space saving vertical design and attractive, modern styling for the office.
  • The highest quality construction with beautiful finish and durability.

Ulrich Pinfiles, installed in a county office near Asheville, NC. to store tax and property maps

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