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Blueprint Storage Cabinet Move Made Easy

Ulrich Plan files the blueprint storage cabinet of choice in spacious blueprint room at PSNH - Eversource. These fire resistant blueprint cabinets are mobile allowing for an easy recent move. Mobility is a feature you will never find in a flat file cabinet.

Ulrich the Blueprint Storage Cabinet of Choice

PSNH Energy exclusively use Ulrich Planfile  and Minifile Cabinets as their preferred blueprint storage cabinet.  These blueprints represent a complicated network that supplies more than 490,000 homes and businesses in New Hampshire with electricity. PSNH have trusted this important blueprint storage to Ulrich Planfile Cabinets for many years. PSNH had used Ulrich Planfiles exclusively for many years. Some old flat file cabinets were still in service. A recent move to a new facility prompted PSNH to put all their large documents in Ulrich Cabinet.

Moving is easy with Ulrich Blueprint Storage Cabinet

the Ulrich vertical blueprint storage cabinet is better than flat file storage cabinets, more features and less cost.

Moving flat file storage cabinets can be risky for the blueprints. And let’s face it a whole lot of work! A key motivator for PSNH to ditch the last of their flat file cabinets and buy Ulrich was a recent move to a new building. As described below moving flat file, this is terribly time consuming as well as hazardous to important blueprints.

Easy Mobility is one of the design features of Ulrich Planfile. And the heavy duty casters make it easy to roll a fully loaded Planfile. These cabinets have a depth of 31 1/2″.  Small enough to fit through standard interior doorways. Ulrich blueprint cabinets allowed PSNH to roll the cabinets, fully loaded with documents, out of the building and on to a truck, then roll the cabinets off of the truck, into position and are immediately ready for work – no packing or unpacking required! When has a move ever been so easy!

Flat File Storage Cabinets Make Moving Difficult and Time Consuming

If they were using flat file storage cabinets PSNH would have had to unload the drawings, pack them for transport and then disassemble the flat file cabinets. Because, movers must tip flat file cabinets on their side to bring them into or out of a room. Then they must carry the drawings and flat file cabinets separately from their old building to their new building – what are the chances they arrive together and without damage! After that they must reassemble the  flat file cabinets. Finally, they would need to unpacked the documents and returned them to the proper drawers in the flat file cabinets. PSNH would have been unable to access their distribution line drawings and prints for days, even weeks. Not to mention the added labor cost.

Benefits of Ulrich over Flat File Storage

Besides the convenience during their recent move, PSNH also appreciates the numerous advantages Ulrich Planfiles

  • Superb document protection: fire resistant and water resistant
  • Ease of use, drawings are easily accessible and well organized
  • Saved floor space with the same capacity as flat files
  • Affordability! When comparing equal storage capacities Ulrich Planfiles have all these extra features and. . . . . they cost Less!

About PSNH

Ulrich blueprint storage cabinets have the same storage as 6 flat file storage cabinets with The Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH), the state’s largest electric utility and subsidiary of Eversource, have been longtime customers of Ulrich Planfiling, utilizing their vertical filing systems to house engineering prints and map drawings of distribution lines. These drawings represent a complicated network that supplies more than 490,000 homes and businesses in New Hampshire with electricity. Ulrich Planfiles are located in numerous PSNH facilities, which all together include 12 plants, both hydroelectric and fossile fuel-fired.

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vertical blueprint storage cabinets that are better than flat file storage cabinets, more features and less cost.
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Planfile Case Study at Brookfield Power

Need Fire Resistance in a smaller footprint?

Tom Reed Presents Congressional Proclamation to Ulrich Planfiling

Tom Reed presents Congressional Proclamation to Ulrich Planfiling
Ulrich Owners and Congressman Tom Reed

Congressman Tom Reed recently visited Ulrich Planfiling to acknowledge the 100th Anniversary of the Ulrich Planfile. He presented Ulrich owners with a Congressional Proclamation acknowledging the amazing efforts from 1915 with Charles Ulrich’s initial invention to the successful business today. Three generations of the Ulrich Family and the current ownership have created a company with a culture of quality products and process as well as a strong concern for customer satisfaction. This along with a quality well trained workforce, and a drive toward constant improvement have made Ulrich Planfiling a premier manufacturer of custom sheet metal products as well as the Ulrich Planfile line of products.

Congressman Reed congratulates Ulrich Planfiling on 100 years of large document filing business.
Congressman Reed Congratulates Ulrich

Congressman Reed and Ulrich Owners discuss small business concerns in front of the many Ulrich Patents.
Ulrich Owners discuss small business concerns.

Ulrich owners discuss small business concerns with Congressman Reed.
Congressman Reed meets with Ulrich owners

Congressman Reed tours final assembly where the Ulrich large document filing cabinets and custom sheet metal manufacturing products are assembled and shipped.
Congressman Reed tours final assembly

Eric Livengood discusses small business issues with Congressman Tom Reed
Owner Eric Livengood and Congressman Tom Reed

Tom Reed sees custom sheet metal products being washed and dried in preparation for painting.
Congressman Reed and the wash conveyor

Congressman Tom Reed sees the press brake that performs the initial forming for Ulrich custom sheet metal products and filing cabinets
Tom Reed views sheet metal fabrication in brake room

Congressman Tom Reed see's the break room at Ulrich Planfiling where sheet steel is cut and formed. It is the first step in the custom sheet metal fabrication process.
Ulrich Owner Dan Berry and Congressman Tom Reed.

Congressman Tom Reed and Dan Berry discuss the Ulrich Plan file - vertical filing features for map storage
Congressman Reed studies the Ulrich Plan file.

Learn more about Ulrich:

The Planfile is simply the best large document filing system money can buy. For users requiring fire resistance, water resistance, and large capacity, The Planfile is the solution. The Planfile replaces 6 flat file cabinets....and it costs less!
Best Large Document Protection Ulrich Planfile

Custom sheet metal capability highlighted with a large stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning tank.
Ulrich’s custom sheet metal fabrication

Organize your flat file storage with Ulrich flat file folders. File your engineering prints, map drawers, poster storage or blueprint storage with these heavy duty folders.
Flat File Cabinets Organization

Out with the old…In with the new – Ulrich Planfiling completes $600,000 laser upgrade.

Ulrich has been making the Ulrich Planfile – Blueprint Storage Cabinet for over 100 years. But what you may not have known is that Ulrich is a High quality manufacturer of complex sheet metal fabrications.   One of the reasons we have been successful in doing this is by staying current with modern technology.  For our laser cutting we partnered with Mitsubishi 5 years ago and the process has been so successful we decided to trade in our old machine on a new Mitsubishi 4500 watt laser.  Ulrich President Dan Berry commented  “By investing in top notch equipment and great employees Ulrich has been able to adjust to a marketplace that requires high quality and fast lead times at competitive prices”.  “This new laser represents just one of several investments in the future of our company, our employees, our families, and most importantly our customers”.

Ulrich removes 5 year old Mitsubishi laser to make room for new laser technology.
Ulrich’s 5 year old laser comming out …………….
Mitsubishi 4500 watt laser  for complex sheet metal fabrication.
Ulrich’s new Mitsubishi laser going in.


City of Denton Blueprint Storage Cabinets

City of Denton chooses Ulrich Blueprint Storage Cabinets.

City of Denton is a large and growing city they prefer Ulrich Planfiles for their blueprint storage cabinets

The City of Denton is beautiful and prosperous. And located just north of Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. Notably, with a population of over 113 thousand, they are in the top 25 fastest growing cities in the US for their size.

Ron Forsythe is the very busy Engineering Manager in charge of plans for the city’s buildings and roads.

“Do to centralizing of our offices we have at least one of every filing system on the market; we have Flatfile Cabinets, Masterfile- Pinfile type cabinets and of course the Ulrich Planfiles. Of all of these the Ulrich Planfile is by far the easiest to use.

Besides being easy to use it keeps the plans in great shape I have used the Ulrich Planfiles for years and when we need additional map or plan storage we call Ulrich. We appreciate their friendly and efficient customer service,” says Ron.

Ulrich Planfiles are the blueprint storage cabinets of choice for City of Denton over Flat file cabinets and Masterfile cabinets
City of Denton chooses Ulrich Planfiles over Flat File and Masterfile Cabinets

“Ulrich cabinets keep our documents in great condition and are built to last; I recommend them to my colleagues.”


Features that make the Planfile blueprint storage cabinets easy to use.

Moreover, the fact that the Planfile cabinet is easy to use is the best feature for the City of Denton. For one thing, you can performs all filing at waist height, unlike flat file cabinets. Certainly, the Planfile’s 60 “tuff-one” folders organize and protect these important documents.

Notably the best feature of the Planfile blueprint storage cabinets is the spring compression system. Because of this unique system, the documents are easily retrieved without having to remove the folder from the cabinet. Equally it is just as easy to refile the documents. See how the cabinet works in the video below.


All of these features and……………..they cost less!

Downloadable copy of this case study

Asheville Government Office

Map Storage for Asheville NC

The large number of property and tax maps belonging to the government office in Asheville, NC demanded a sophisticated method for filing and organizing. The county office now utilizes a number of Ulrich Pinfiles, which effectively and efficiently manage the maps and their frequent usage.

The maps at this office are used by the general public, contractors and government workers; therefore, the filing system needed to be easy to use. With so many potential users, the ergonomics were an important consideration, as was the ability to access each individual map quickly. Space was limited and the county office hoped to find a system with the capacity to file all the maps in one room—- with space remaining for the large format copy machines and plotters.

Flat files were deemed too difficult for the users because the individual maps would be stacked in drawers containing close to 100 maps per drawer. Replacing a map pulled from the bottom of a drawer would be almost impossible. Furthermore, flat files would have cost more and there was simply not enough room to house this inefficient model. The county office chose the Ulrich Pinfile for the great benefits it affords.

  • Ease of use and ergonomics with all filing done at a comfortable height.
  • Great individual map access. Users only handle the map they want.
  • Space saving vertical design and attractive, modern styling for the office.
  • The highest quality construction with beautiful finish and durability.

Ulrich Pinfiles, installed in a county office near Asheville, NC. to store tax and property maps

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