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Blueprint Storage Cabinet Move Made Easy

Ulrich Plan files the blueprint storage cabinet of choice in spacious blueprint room at PSNH - Eversource. These fire resistant blueprint cabinets are mobile allowing for an easy recent move. Mobility is a feature you will never find in a flat file cabinet.

Ulrich the Blueprint Storage Cabinet of Choice

PSNH Energy exclusively use Ulrich Planfile  and Minifile Cabinets as their preferred blueprint storage cabinet.  These blueprints represent a complicated network that supplies more than 490,000 homes and businesses in New Hampshire with electricity. PSNH have trusted this important blueprint storage to Ulrich Planfile Cabinets for many years. PSNH had used Ulrich Planfiles exclusively for many years. Some old flat file cabinets were still in service. A recent move to a new facility prompted PSNH to put all their large documents in Ulrich Cabinet.

Moving is easy with Ulrich Blueprint Storage Cabinet

the Ulrich vertical blueprint storage cabinet is better than flat file storage cabinets, more features and less cost.

Moving flat file storage cabinets can be risky for the blueprints. And let’s face it a whole lot of work! A key motivator for PSNH to ditch the last of their flat file cabinets and buy Ulrich was a recent move to a new building. As described below moving flat file, this is terribly time consuming as well as hazardous to important blueprints.

Easy Mobility is one of the design features of Ulrich Planfile. And the heavy duty casters make it easy to roll a fully loaded Planfile. These cabinets have a depth of 31 1/2″.  Small enough to fit through standard interior doorways. Ulrich blueprint cabinets allowed PSNH to roll the cabinets, fully loaded with documents, out of the building and on to a truck, then roll the cabinets off of the truck, into position and are immediately ready for work – no packing or unpacking required! When has a move ever been so easy!

Flat File Storage Cabinets Make Moving Difficult and Time Consuming

If they were using flat file storage cabinets PSNH would have had to unload the drawings, pack them for transport and then disassemble the flat file cabinets. Because, movers must tip flat file cabinets on their side to bring them into or out of a room. Then they must carry the drawings and flat file cabinets separately from their old building to their new building – what are the chances they arrive together and without damage! After that they must reassemble the  flat file cabinets. Finally, they would need to unpacked the documents and returned them to the proper drawers in the flat file cabinets. PSNH would have been unable to access their distribution line drawings and prints for days, even weeks. Not to mention the added labor cost.

Benefits of Ulrich over Flat File Storage

Besides the convenience during their recent move, PSNH also appreciates the numerous advantages Ulrich Planfiles

  • Superb document protection: fire resistant and water resistant
  • Ease of use, drawings are easily accessible and well organized
  • Saved floor space with the same capacity as flat files
  • Affordability! When comparing equal storage capacities Ulrich Planfiles have all these extra features and. . . . . they cost Less!

About PSNH

Ulrich blueprint storage cabinets have the same storage as 6 flat file storage cabinets with The Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH), the state’s largest electric utility and subsidiary of Eversource, have been longtime customers of Ulrich Planfiling, utilizing their vertical filing systems to house engineering prints and map drawings of distribution lines. These drawings represent a complicated network that supplies more than 490,000 homes and businesses in New Hampshire with electricity. Ulrich Planfiles are located in numerous PSNH facilities, which all together include 12 plants, both hydroelectric and fossile fuel-fired.

Downloadable copy of this article: Blueprint Storage Move Made Easy by Ulrich Plan file

vertical blueprint storage cabinets that are better than flat file storage cabinets, more features and less cost.
Learn more about the Planfile

Planfile Case Study at Brookfield Power

Need Fire Resistance in a smaller footprint?

BluePrint Storage in 75% less space

Full Featured, Easy to Use BluePrint Storage at Dickten Masch 

Blueprint storage is important for the busy process engineering department at Dickten Mash Plastics. They had been using flat filing cabinets for a number of years and were frustrated with the limitations of this type of file cabinet, after careful consideration they choose the Ulrich Cadfile as their solution for blueprint storage:
flat filing cabinet for blueprint storage takes up too much space and is difficult to use.
blueprint storage with cadfile, saves 75% over flat filing cabinet

Flat Filing Cabinet Limitations

  • Too much floor space – 16 sq ft
  • Difficult to use
  • Hard to find needed print
  • Blueprints curl at edges and tear
  • Cabinet is heavy, needs to be disassembled to move

Cadfile Cabinet Benefits

  • Sits 10 3/4″ from the wall – only 6 sq. ft.
  • Easy to use
  • 20 Folders keep blueprints organized
  • Blueprints are flat and smooth – like new
  • Mobile, with heavy duty casters – rolls easily through standard 32″ door.


The floor space savings alone made it worth the change! Also, Matt Schneider of Dickten Masch Plastics, was convinced that the blue prints would be easier to access and better protected in Ulrich Cadfiles. And the Cadfiles ease of filing, means that blueprints are re-filed instead of stacked on top. The department functions better with the Ulrich Cadfile.Price Comparison Ulrich Cadfile to Flat filesDownloadable version of this article.Have more storage than Dickten Masch?

Cadfile same blueprint storage as  2 – five drawer flat filing cabinets
Minifile  same blueprint storage as  3 – five drawer flat filing cabinets
Planfile  same blueprint storage as   6 – five drawer flat filing cabinets

Large Document Storage Options

Ulrich Cad file is great for any type of large document storage, many people call it the “vertical flat filing cabinet”. Use it for poster storage, plan storage, map storage, architectural and engineering drawing storage, blueprint storage or anytime large documents need to be easily and safely filed and protected.

Archival Quality Blue print Storage

Need Archival Quality blue print, poster, map or plan storage the Ulrich Cad file is the perfect option. Powder Coated and available with Archival quality folder paper, your important historical maps, drawings, plans and poster can be preserved for generations to come.

Brookfield Renewable Power


Recently, Paul Austin from Brookfield Renewable Power called us concerning the availability of a couple of small parts to repair an Ulrich Minifile that was damaged during a move. We sent Paul the parts and his email back to us tells a lot about our products and the way our customers feel about their Ulrich files.

Paul wrote:

I really appreciate you doing this. You mentioned doing this for me because we use Ulrich. Thought I’d let you know we have 10 Planfiles, (# 4836) and 3 Minifiles. We’ve never had a problem with these and I’ve been using them for 23 years. Over that time period, they’ve been used almost every day, and some days they’ll be accessed dozens of times in a day.
I don’t know how old they are, but this is a good example of “you get what you pay for.”
Paul Austin 

brookfield-power-1Brookfield Renewable Power

Brookfield Renewable Power Inc., wholly-owned by Brookfield Asset Management Inc., has more than 100 years of experience as an owner, operator and developer of hydroelectric power facilities. Its total portfolio includes more than 160 generating facilities with approximately 4,000 megawatts of capacity. It also has a significant hydroelectric and wind project pipeline. Brookfield Renewable Power’s operations are primarily located in North America and Brazil.

Architectural Drawing Storage – Great Protection and Space Saving

Architectural Drawing Storage for premier architectural firm

All things considered among New York architectural firms Habiterra stands out. To be sure they are a premier architecture and landscape architecture firm. Of course there are a number of reasons this firm stands out. First is their commitment to inspiring design and enriching the community. In addition a deep dedication to high quality and a commitment to their customer make them special. Hence their choice of an Ulrich Planfile for their architectural drawing storage made us proud.

With this successful history and many noteworthy projects to their credit they have accumulated a lot of valuable drawings. Habiterra uses Ulrich Planfiles to store, protect and maintain their extensive and growing drawing collection.

architectural drawing storage

Planfile chosen for architectural drawing storage

Among the many features of the Planfile, two specific features are of greatest importance to Habiterra. Namely the space savings and document protection stand out. At Habiterra, more than 39,000 drawings are stored in Ulrich Planfiles. Any other filing system would require more than twice the floor space of these Ulrich Planfiles. In addition these cabinets are on wheels. Therefore they are easy to move. Also they are easy to re-arrange.

In fact Ulrich is an industry leader in document protection. While no other large document filing system has fire protection or water protection. In contrast Ulrich offers both! In addition Ulrich Planfiles maintain drawings in great condition. Because of our unique compression system and heavy duty folders..

  • First Space saving design requires less than ½ the space of flat drawer files.
  • While fire and water-resistant construction provide document protection.
  • Also Planfiles are easy to use
  • In fact Planfiles maintain documents in great condition.

In fact Ulrich organized rolled drawings

Even the rolled drawings at Habiterra use an Ulrich Solution. While it can be difficult to find draings that are stored on shelves and in cubby hole. In short these drawings are easy to index and identify with Ulrich Index Clips.

In the picture Krista Thorsell and Bob Arnone access one of 12 Ulrich Planfiles. While these Planfiles are providing architectural drawing storage for more than 39,000 drawings at Habiterra Architecture