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Poster Storage Cabinet helps Audubon in their Mission

Poster Storage Cabinet gets “Green” light at Audubon Center




At first the Poster storage cabinet at the Jamestown Audubon was a blueprint cabinet. Including blueprints of the 3-story nature center building, including a nature store, live fish, reptiles and amphibians, solar panels, elevator, and all the electric, HVAC, offices and conference rooms. In addition, there is documentation of the over 600 acres of wetlands. Together with 5 miles of trails, bird blinds, and outbuildings.

As a result, of this need the Audubon chose the Ulrich Minifile to store these blueprints. Because the Minifile provided plenty of storage space. While also providing fire and water protection. Also, the large file folders provide plenty of organization and document protection. Finally, this blueprint cabinet is on heavy duty casters and easily rolls anywhere in the facility. Allowing the staff to keep the cabinet in a closet out of the way until needed.

When word got out to the Naturalists – they had found their Poster Storage Cabinet!

It’s tough to keep a good thing secret. When the naturalists found out about the available storage for large documents in the Ulrich Minifile they knew that this could be the poster storage cabinet they have been looking for.

In detail, in the video below, Katie Finch, naturalist and education coordinator explains how this cabinet aids them in their mission:

Another point is that the Audubon can store a variety of document size in this cabinet.  In the video Katie can easily find the poster she needs among a variety of different sized posters and signs.

Green in Manufacturing and Green in use

During the year, the Audubon Center offers a wide variety of events for people of all ages. Moreover, each of these events requires signs for everything from event parking to signs for each of the activities:

Before we had no central location to store the signs. In addition poor storage conditions caused damage to the signs. In brief, we needed to remake the signs for each event.

“Of course, the Minifile provides a central location for storage. Not to mention the folders organize the signs by event. Consequently, it takes only seconds to retrieve completed signs for each event. While the cabinet keeps the signs and posters in as good or better shape than when stored.” Says Jeff Tome, Senior Naturalist,

The Minifile Poster storage cabinet is used at Jamestown Audubon for blueprint storage, poster storage, and filing signs.

“In addition, the cabinet is so small and mobile; we can keep it tucked away in a storage closet when not in use.

Because the Ulrich Minifile has been a great organizational tool, it allows us to focus more time on our mission to connect people to the environment.”

Of course, we recommend you visit the Audubon center in Jamestown or find one in your area.

They are great places to explore nature with your family and friends.

Top Features in a Fire Resistant Cabinet

One of the most important feature of fire resistance is……drum roll please……………water resistance.

When fire protection was everything
If you had asked 50 years ago. The only focus would be fire resistance – hands down – no question. At that time very few buildings had fire prevention or fire safety features. If a fire started in your building someone called the fire department….. well they would if it was during business hours. If it was after business hours you hoped that your neighbors noticed the smoke and called the fire department. This often made reaction to a fire slow. And fire protection meant keeping your important paperwork safe from long exposure to fire. So what to look for today when choosing file cabinet fire protection?

Look up at the changing landscape

Fire Alarm 500px
Yes I really wanted you to look up. You will see emergency exit signs, and there is somewhere smoke detectors that are probably wired up to your local fire department. As soon as you have been alerted to the fire in your office the fire department has been alerted also and those brave men and women are on there way to put out the fire. Rapid response time is a priority for Fire Fighters. And help arrives within minutes.

So what is the real hazard when there is a fire?

Water! Between sprinklers and rapid fire department response – the duration of most fires is on the decline. And often it is the gallons of water sprayed on the fire that causes the majority of the damage. So, in addition to fire resistance – great document protection must include water protection.

Ulrich Plan files protect from Fire and Water

The very best protection includes fire and water protection! The Ulrich Planfiles and Minifiles aare the only large document filing system to have fire protection and these cabinets also have water protection.

You can count on the water apron and lap joint construction of these cabinets to protect your documents from water damage. See in this video the difference water can make in protecting your documents.

Map and Planfiling Fire Resistant Features.

The following video shows Ulrich Planfile fire resistant capabilities. These cabinets are the only file cabinets on the market for map and plan storage that provide fire resistance.

See below for more information on these cabinets

Storing a large number of maps and plans.

The Planfile is a high capacity cabinet which can hold 3,600 documents for daily use and 6,000 documents for archival use. More information….

6 flat file cabinets can be replaced with one Planfile blueprint cabinet . In addition the Planfile cabinet is a fire resistant cabinet, that has many additional features like a standard lock, water resistance, 60 included folders, and heavy duty casters for easy mobility.

Limited office space
The Ulrich Minifile is perfect for amazing document protection in a limited space. This cabinet sits less than 15″ from the wall and can hold between 1,440 and 2,400 documents. More information….

3 flat file cabinets can be replaced by this one Ulrich Minifile Cabinet - fire resistant cabinet for map storage, plan storage and poster storage. Includes large file folders

Need Archival Quality Large Document Storage?

Complete your document protection by replacing the standard folders in your cabinet with Archival Quality folders! Call 1-800-346-2875 for more information.

Large file folders for map storage.
Download a copy of this article

Jamestown Audubon


Ulrich is the choice for storage of drawings, plans, posters and signs for the Jamestown Audubon Center and Sanctuary, in their important mission to connect people to the planet through educational experiences at the center and throughout the region.

Ulrich Planfiles

Above: Jeff Tome, Senior Naturalist at the Jamestown Audubon shows signs for the Audubon’s Enchanted Forest that takes place every Halloween. Children dress up and meet “animals” that live in the Forest. Volunteers dress as indigenous animals and teach children, in an entertaining way, about the animal’s role in the natural world. The signs for this wonderful event are kept safe and organized in an Ulrich Minifile.

Architectural & Engineering Drawings

The Audubon Center includes a 3-story nature center building contains a nature store, a small collection of live fish, reptiles and amphibians, and interactive displays. The building sits on a 600-acre wetland preserve which includes over five miles of beautifully maintained trails. All of the Architectural and Engineering Drawings are organized in an Ulrich Minifile. This was important when the Audubon recently performed a number of changes to update the centers lighting and conserve electrical energy, including the addition of Solar Panels. The ready accessibility of the Electrical Plans was important to this award winning project’s success.

Signs and Posters are stored in Minifile

Throughout the year the Audubon Center offers a wide variety of events for people of all ages. Each of these events requires signs for everything from event parking to signs for each of the activities:

“In the past we have had to reproduce our signs and posters each time we held an event. There was no central location to house the signs and no way to keep them from being damaged. We love our Ulrich Minifile Cabinet. We can organize our signs for each event in a folder. When it comes time for the event it takes seconds to retrieve last year’s signs and we are ready, and most important they are in the same or better condition than when we stored them last year.” Says Jeff Tome, Senior Naturalist.

alexis-at-audubon-center-copyIn addition the cabinet is so small and mobile; we can keep it tucked away in a storage closet when not in use. The Ulrich Minifile has been a great organizational tool allowing us to focus more time on our mission to connect people to the environment.

We recommend you visit the Audubon center in Jamestown or find one in your area. It is a great place to enjoy nature with your family and friends.

The national Audubon website is www.audubon.org.. Don’t miss out – Visit one of them today!

Brookfield Renewable Power


Recently, Paul Austin from Brookfield Renewable Power called us concerning the availability of a couple of small parts to repair an Ulrich Minifile that was damaged during a move. We sent Paul the parts and his email back to us tells a lot about our products and the way our customers feel about their Ulrich files.

Paul wrote:

I really appreciate you doing this. You mentioned doing this for me because we use Ulrich. Thought I’d let you know we have 10 Planfiles, (# 4836) and 3 Minifiles. We’ve never had a problem with these and I’ve been using them for 23 years. Over that time period, they’ve been used almost every day, and some days they’ll be accessed dozens of times in a day.
I don’t know how old they are, but this is a good example of “you get what you pay for.”
Paul Austin 

brookfield-power-1Brookfield Renewable Power

Brookfield Renewable Power Inc., wholly-owned by Brookfield Asset Management Inc., has more than 100 years of experience as an owner, operator and developer of hydroelectric power facilities. Its total portfolio includes more than 160 generating facilities with approximately 4,000 megawatts of capacity. It also has a significant hydroelectric and wind project pipeline. Brookfield Renewable Power’s operations are primarily located in North America and Brazil.

FIre and Water Resistance

The Ulrich Planfile and Minifile, our premier large document filing products, are designed with both fire and water resistance. Our fire resistant design features thick, double steel wall construction throughout; with fire resistant fiberglass insulation sandwiched between the steel walls. All four sides, the bottom and the lid of these filing systems utilize this insulated, double wall construction. Ulrich is the only manufacture to offer a large document filing systems with true, engineered, fire resistance construction. In the unfortunate event of a fire, Ulrich files offer this additional level of protection for your valuable documents.

When fires do occur, often water damage from sprinklers and fire hoses is a bigger problem that the fire itself. Ulrich has you cover there as well. The Ulrich Planfile and Minifile both feature a water lip and gasket system that protects the contents for water damage. Again, Ulrich is the only manufacture to offer filing systems with engineered water resistant design and construction.

You should always keep your files both closed and locked for the full benefit of these important design features.

The link below is a PDF file of the testing results, done by an independent observer, when an Ulrich Planfile was tested for heat resistance. For a more dramatic example of our fire resistant filing cabinets, take a look at the video presentation at www.ulrichplanfiling.com.

Fire Resistance Test Data (41.21 KB)
Ulrich Planfile Fire Resistance Data