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Plan Storage Cabinet built to last at NASA

NASA chooses sturdy feature filled Ulrich plan storage cabinet

Plan Storage Cabinet for Critical Mission

In fact, during the late 1960s and early 70s, people said. “If you want to go to the moon, you first have to go through Hancock County.”
During 1961 the US entered the space race with a mission to put a man on the moon. And they choose Hancock Mississippi as the site for rocket testing.  Making Stennis Space Center in Hancock, the heart of the space program. Of course it began with the Saturn V rocket for the Apollo program and continues today.
Since 1965,  NASA’s choice for plan storage cabinets have been Ulrich Planfiles. To begin with, these cabinets are fire resistant and water resistant. As a result, they provide much needed protection to these important engineering drawing. In addition, a key lock and internal hing keep the engineering drawings secure. Not to mention, the 60 “Tuff-one” folders provide great document protection. Finally, spring compression system and folders protected and organized the engineering drawings.
Jeanne Keller, Document Coordinator for the Central Engineering Files, says the following:
“Thank You for your help. CEF (Central Engineering Files) has had 8 of these plan files since 1965 and we now have 33 files in all. They are still in good working order. You have a great Product and when I need more files I will be sure to order from Ulrich.”

Ulrich Plan Storage Cabinet helps plant the flag

In our small way Ulrich has become a part of history. Let us help you be as successful in your business as the US missions to space.
Ulrich cabinets are:
  • well engineered,
  • well manufactured,
  • easy to use,
  • save space,
  • save time
  • and protect your drawings well into the future.
All these features and……………..they cost less.
Map to outer Space! – Drawings or first NASA launch rockets stored in Ulrich Planfile. Long lasting plan storage cabinet.