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Replacement Keys for

Need to replace lost keys or just to have extra keys in the office. We have replacement keys available for most of our file cabinets.


Index Labels

Replacement labels for Ulrich C118 Index Clips.  


Index Cards for

Maximize the organization of your Ulrich large document storage cabinet with these Index Cards. Folder labels are never big enough for all the details about the contents of a folder. That's where these Index cards let you describe the contents of each folder in detail. They have adhesive backs and stick to the Planfile lid for easy access.


Folder Labels

Adhesive replacement folder labels for use with your Ulrich Planfile and Flatfile Folders.


Flat File Cabinet

Bring organization to your flat file storage with these flat file storage folders. They are perfect for your engineering prints, blueprint drawers, poster storage or map drawers.   You will find your documents in record time! While making it easier to return them to the flat file drawer instead of stacking them on top. These flat file storage folders will keep your documents from getting curled, wrinkled or damaged from sliding in the drawer. With convenient Handholds it is easy to take the folders filled with documents to a meeting or to work on a project.   These flat file storage folders work in most major brands of the flat file drawers. Check the convenient chart below for your manufacturer.

Filler Pocket 1020

Have numerous document sizes? No problem. Ulrich Vertical Filing Cabinets can handle it. The Ulrich Filler Pocket creates a false bottom in the cabinet to keep smaller documents in the top of the cabinet. All your documents whether small or large are all at your fingertips.  The filler pocket will be made to fit your filing requirement. But custom does not mean expensive. You will be choosing smaller folders and a filler pocket to replace the large folders that are standard with the cabinet. So the difference in price is minimal


DP48 Divider Strips

Divider Strips make the fastest large document filing system even faster. Divider strips define important groups of maps, drawings and plans for easy and quick access.


Convenience Step for

Convenience Step great addition to Planfile and Planfile 2 Providing a working platform at a height which permits convenient access to the entire Planfile. Especially designed for the larger Planfile and Planfile 2 cabinets. When not in use, the step is returned to its self-latching vertical position to maintain full aisle space