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Blueprint Cabinet the Planfile 2 – Great Features and Great Value


The Planfile 2 is the simply the best blueprint cabinet money can buy. For users requiring easy filing, water resistance, and large capacity for their large document filing, The Planfile 2 is the solution. The Planfile 2 saves space. Replacing 6 – five drawer flat file cabinets.




Planfile 2 Blueprint Cabinet Features


In fact, this Blueprint and Map file cabinets holds 3,600 documents for active use. Not to mention 7,200 blueprints for archival storage.

High Capacity!

Together with a capacity of 3,600 documents for active use. And 7,200 for inactive use. This cabinet has the highest capacity of any Blueprint cabinet. As well as having the smallest footprint and best document protection.


Space Saving

Reduces floor space requirements up to 66%.


Easily file blueprints, plans and maps. Because all filing is done at waist height.

Easy to Use Blueprint Cabinet

All filing done at waist height in this blueprint cabinet. As a result there is no awkward bending or barked shins while filing. Furthermore this cabinet makes finding your document a breeze. In fact, the included index cards, folders and labels provide great organization.


In fact, these Planfile Map file cabinets have 60 folders. While the Planfile 2 Blueprint Cabinet comes with 50 folders to protect and organize your important documents

Equipped with 50 Tuff-one folders

Not only do these 50 included folders provide outstanding document organization. The folders are long lasting made of heavy duty 15 pt. red wallet stock and mylar reinforced hand holds.  Of course, folder labels included!



Customize for different sizes

And this cabinet is customizable to hold a variety of document sizes.


Document Protection

Not to mention, Ulrich cabinets have a unique spring compression system. Along with heavy duty folders. These features keep documents flat, smooth and in like-new conditions.


Of course heavy duty casters on this blueprint cabinet make it easy to move even fully loaded.


Heavy duty steel casters make these Planfile cabinets easy to move. Also, this cabinet at 31.5″ wide, fits through standard 32″ doorways. So, whether you need to cleaning carpets or move your entire office, these cabinets make it easy. As a result, Ulrich cabinets are the only mobile large document cabinets.


Also the Planfile, Planfile 2 and Minifile Cabinets all come with locks as standard equipment. Also, Replacement keys are available. In addition multiple cabinets can be keyed the same.Security

Also, a key locking system is standard on all Planfile cabinets.


While thes Map file cabinets are water resistant.Water Resistant

Water can not entering the Planfile 2 Cabinet. Due to the water apron and lap joint lid design. Providing protection from spills as well as water spray from hoses.

Also, airborne dust particles can not get in the cabinet.


Option for Archival Folders

Ulrich Planfile cabinet are also available with optional archival quality folders. These folders are lingin free and buffered. Passed P.A.T.

Call 800-346-2875 or contact us for a quote.


Environmentally safe

Of course, our product uses environmentally sound powder-coated finish.

In addition, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint. We focus on recycling, energy efficiency and including environmental impact in our choices.



Made in the United States

While this product is proudly manufactured in the United States.

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Don’t need Fire Resistance – Try Planfile 2 Economy File


Choose from our 7 standard colors –



 *Colors are not true on most displays
*Color Chips available for free upon request


Planfile 2 Product Specifications:

Part # Max
Sheet Size
No.  of
EC3624 24″×36″ 50 3000 6000 9065
EC4230 30″×42″ 50 3000 6000 9067
EC4836 36″×48″ 50 3000 6000 9068
*Active Capacity: Maximum number of documents for day to day use of the cabinet.
In Active Capacity: Maximum number of documents for monthly or quarterly use of the cabinet.


Part # Max
Sheet Size
EC3624 24″×36″ 43 3/4 35 3/4 31 1/2 450
EC4230 30″×42″ 49 3/4 42 1/4 31 1/2 527
EC4836 36″×48″ 55 3/4 45 1/2 31 1/2 596

See how easy it is to use the Ulrich Planfile 2

Call us for questions on freight, 800-346-2875.
Made to Order. Lead Time 4 weeks.

Add convenience to your EC4836 size Cabinet

Also, consider adding a great convenience accessory! The convenience step allows for easier access, especially for those of us with shorter reach. For example this step folds out for use and folds flush against the cabinet when not in use. How convenient!

The convenience step can be factory installed or purchased as an addition to your existing cabinet.

Step pulled down for use
Convenient step to help easily reach all of the folders where you file your large documents. Perfect addition to your map filing cabinet.
Step is flush when closed

Add a convenience step to your cabinet

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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5 reviews for Blueprint Cabinet the Planfile 2 – Great Features and Great Value

  1. Jarrod Porter

    The cabinet arrived in great condition and should workout great for us. AWESOME CABINET!!

    • Barbara Berry

      Thanks Jarrod. Call us anytime if you have any questions or need any help with your cabinet.

  2. Blair Myron, Facility Archivist, Washington State University

    I think the best way to put it is that I can’t imagine doing my job without them. We have a variety of storage systems from rolled tube cabinets to hanging file racks but the Ulrich cabinets do the best job of keeping our materials organized, protected and accessible. We have about 18 full size cabinets and a few half size ones of varying ages and they all are in great shape, even the ones that see daily use and abuse.

    • Barbara Berry

      Thanks Blair

  3. Matt Nisbet

    We transformed from an awkward, inaccessible, uncatalogued, bulky “system” (so-called) of storing plans to the opposite of all of those with this cabinet. Talk about a game-changer. We can now quickly find plans that impact new contract work, saving lots of time and worry, and we are confident that if we ever suffered catastrophe on site, we might still be able to clear the rubble and find our plans still intact. If I were to change anything, it would be to add depth to the pop-out shelf in order to more easily accommodate the support of a pulled-out folder, but even with that shortcoming, I would definitely choose buy this product over again.

    • Barbara Berry

      Hi Matt,
      I’m so glad the cabinet works well for you. Barb

  4. Jennifer Lawrence

    Generally well-built, nice design and has a nice small footprint. The layout shelf is a little difficult to put down sometimes; on the other-hand it falls down on its own occasionally. This space-saving unit holds a very large amount of plan files which are fairly easy to access when unit is not full. However, if full to recommended capacity, the folders can be very difficult to retrieve and replace. Great for true archiving; not the best if plans need frequent access.

    • Barbara Berry

      Hi Jenn,
      I’m so sorry about your shelf. We have shipped you a new one at no cost. I know that will fix the problem.

      We are glad that the cabinet is saving you space. You have a great plan room – “The Vault”.

      A good tip for getting the folders to return easily to the cabinet is to bend the two sides of the folder toward you. This slight bow in the folder reduces the contact friction and the folder will slide down into the cabinet. See this video: https://youtu.be/LgSfrteYRBQ

      You bring up a good point about the different uses for the cabinet. At 3,000 or less documents the cabinet is meant for frequent access. When filled near the 6,000 document level the cabinet is great for archival use as it is a little more difficult to remove and return the documents.

      I have enjoyed working with you Jenn.

  5. Nathan Doornenbal

    This filing cabinet holds a lot of files and takes up very little space. But it can be difficult to remove and replace drawings.

    • Barbara Berry

      Hi Nathan,
      A few tips to make document removal and replacement easier. Stay within the 3,000 document capacity for active use. Use a more even loading of each pocket.

      Here is a brief video showing the best document filing technique from the Jamestown BPU. https://youtu.be/LgSfrteYRBQ

      Please contact us for further information.


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