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Blueprint Cabinet 1st choice of Utility Co

Document Protection – Easy to Use Blueprint Cabinet


The comments below are from the Engineers at the Board of Public Utility

The Board of Public Utilities, Jamestown, New York is a city owned utility. At all our substations we use the Ulrich Cadfile as our blueprint cabinet.

Our old system didn’t work

Our previous blueprint storage system had many problems. We hung our blueprints with clamps on an open rack system which leaves the prints exposed to the environment. Consequently this exposure makes the prints dirty, wavy, damaged and brittle. In addition, we set prints on tables when referencing them. And these prints would get coffee stains and spills. In short, we needed a better system.

We learned about these Ulrich Cadfiles. And we feel they are among the best products in our substations.


Blueprint Cabinet - We happened upon these <a href=

Capacity and Organization!

The Cadfile blueprint cabinet works well. In this case, we use D sized, 24″ x 36″, prints at the substation. And the Ulrich Cadfile stores D sized prints perfectly.1

In addition these cabinets hold a lot of folders, and these folders provide great organization. First, we organize prints for each piece of equipment in a unique folder. Then we attach a large label to each folder. As a result, our prints are always easy to find.

Even if we don’t fill the cabinet all of the way, there are little “tabs” that hold the blueprints straight up and down, and nice and flat.

Easy to Use

The Cadfile is easy to operate. For example we find it easy to locate and access individual prints. In contrast, with our old rack system, we needed undo the clamps, and take all the drawings apart.  And it was even harder to put the prints back in the clamps.

With the Cadfile it is quick and easy to find and file a print.

Blueprint Cabinet is also a rolling shelf on it's own, as well as great blueprint storage

It’s a rolling shelf

In addition this blueprint cabinet moves so easily we call it our “rolling shelf”. First we roll the cabinet to the equipment needing repair. Then we can lay the print safely on the cabinet while completing our work. The cabinet makes a great reference table.

 Document Protection

Another key point, the Cadfile provides protection from moisture, spills or leaking water. To be sure, no more wavy prints. (need fire resistance – see our Minifile Cabinet)

Would we use them again?

Would we use them again? To explain, we use the Cadfile blueprint cabinets in nine different substations. And our offices file blueprints in the larger capacity Planfile cabinet. So, we use these blueprint cabinets a lot. For all these reasons above we will buy a new Ulrich blueprint cabinet any time we build a new substation.

Downloadable copy

Easy to use blueprint cabinet – Video

1Cadfile also comes in a larger size for 30″ x 42″ documents.
2The Cadfile has a better fire protection than the replaced exposed rack system. If you need a fire resistance cabinet please see our Minifile Cabinet.


Ulrich Cadfile

Learn more about the Cadfile Blueprint Cabinet

Ulrich Cadfile for Blueprint storage, map storage, plan filing

Eric Livengood, Ulrich Owner helps community children

Eric Livengood, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ulrich Planfiling, serves the community in many ways. This week in his role on the board of the Jessie Smith Darrah Fund, he joined with the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation to benefit the after school drop in program at the Boys and Girls club. This drop in center provides a productive, fun and safe place for children to go after school.
The Boys & Girls Club of Jamestown provide structured activities in a safe in supervised environment for youth ages 5 through 18 weekdays after school and evenings, Saturdays, all school holidays, and vacations periods including summer vacation. This far reaching program focuses on academic success, good character, citizenship and healthy lifestyles, while providing a safe and supportive environment. Serving 1,740 different youth members throughout the year, this program focuses on those members that are most in need.

Ulrich Owner, Eric Livengood gives generously of his time to a number of charitable organizations in the area. One of the organizations Eric works with is the Jessie Smith Darrah Fund. The Jessie Smith Darrah Fund in conjunction with the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation and the Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation, contributed $37,000 dollars to support these children helping them grow and learn in a safe and supportive environment.

We thank Eric and all the other members who through their hard work and support make this program possible.

Ulrich Supports Hospice Event with Custom Sheet Metal

photo StarThis Holiday season the annual Light A Life Memorial Tree event through Hospice of Chautauqua County will be taking place once again. Anyone who purchases a Christmas tree ornament or makes a donation of ten dollars or more will have a metal star on the trees during the event. All of the profits go to support patients and family members of those with terminal illness. Ulrich is proud to be supporting this benevolent event.

Ulrich is happy to be involved with the Light A Life Memorial Tree Event this year through the custom sheet metal manufacturing portion of their business. Ulrich has donated 1,000 stainless steel stars that once put on the trees, will reflect the lights and make for lovely decorations. These stars were manufactured locally here at Ulrich Planfiling and will be an excellent way to decorate a tree meant to light up the night.

For more information or to support this event checkout Hospice’s webpage at:



Map File Cabinet – High Capacity Cadfile

Town Manager recommends Ulrich Cadfile as their choice for Map File Cabinet in the Town of Manchester. Perfect for map storage, plan storage, drawing storage and even storage of aerial photographs
Patrick Gilbert, Town Manager

When walking into the Town of Manchester’s new and highly organized office space, you get a feeling of professionalism and efficiency. Meeting with Tina Cagle, Town Clerk and Patrick Gilbert, Town Manager you realize that looks are not deceiving. They strive every day to give their town the best services possible. This team uses the latest in technology including GIS and Digital Terrain Models to see their town’s past, present, and to make important decisions about their future.

Current Map File Cabinet Storage

One element of their office was not in keeping with this high standard of operating. It was their map storage. Town of Manchester had rolled their maps, and these rolled maps were stored in various places in the office. No Map File Cabinets.

We are really satisfied and I would recommend these Ulrich high capacity map file cabinets for anybody who is looking to solve a storage problem.

Patrick Gilbert, Town Manager

Search for a solution

They needed a Map File Cabinet and wanted the best. Tina Cagle, Town Clerk led the investigation into the right Map Files for their office. “When looking for our Map File, we had a few criteria we felt were most important:

  • High Capacity
  • Quality Construction
  • Document Protection
  • Space Saving
  • Made in the United States

The Ulrich Cadfile met all of our criteria,” says Tina.

Cadfile solves Map File Cabinet Storage Problem

Tina stated, “We have loaded all of the documents in one of our two Map File Cabinets, the folders help organize documents, and we can’t wait until we have completed the index cards to make it really easy to find any document when required. It was especially important to us to find a product that was made in the United States.”

“We really like them a lot.”, states Patrick Gilbert, Town Manager, “We like them because they are well built, they are a solid piece of equipment.”

Download a copy of this article

More about the Cadfile

The Ulrich Cadfile holds 1,000 documents. Comes equipped with 20 heavy duty folders for excellent document protection and organization. Heavy duty casters to allow these Map Files to be moved anywhere in the office. Cadfile replaces two map drawers while using 75% less space, at a better price.

Learn more about the Cadfile

Need more storage than Town of Manchester? Try:

3 flat file cabinets can be replaced by this one Ulrich Minifile Cabinet - fire resistant cabinet for map storage, plan storage and poster storage. Includes large file folders
Minifile holds 1,440 – 2,800 sheets
Heavy duty casters on this blueprint cabinet make it easy to move even fully loaded
Planfile holds 3,600 – 6,00 sheets

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Featured – Manufacturing Engineering

Ulrich Planfiling custom sheet metal fabrication begins with Mitsubishi Laser

Ulrich is excited to be featured in Manufacturing Engineering Magazine. The article focuses on Ulrich’s custom sheet metal fabrication capabilities and custom line of large document filing cabinets.

Laser Upped Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Capability

More than six years ago Ulrich upped it’s game by adding  laser cutting technology. Overall the laser resulted in much greater manufacturing versatility. In addition the laser had much faster production time. Recently, a new Mitsubishi 301eX-45CF-R laser with a 4500-W resonator replaced the old laser.  This laser creates a 40% increase in production speed.

After all the benefit of the laser it can cut the parts in small lots. Once the laser has cut the parts. They move to a state of the art press brakes, with six-axis back gauges and quick-change tooling. The laser makes precision cuts with virtually any radius. As a result, the laser can even cut letters from the steel. “You would need a different punch tool for every letter processing them on a punch press.” says Jamie Carlson, Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing. An added benefit of the laser is little to no deburring required. Ulrich is typically cutting 1/4″ (3 mm) steel or thinner.


In addition the laser protects the steel with peel away protective film. Ulrich has used this protective film to improve product finish. “Our manufacturing for furniture grade products is held to a high standard. It’s all about finish and look and suitability for the application,” says Eric Livengood, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Stainless steel has to be handled carefully to avoid scratches or other blemishes for furniture used in libraries, Universities, and other institutions. It’s a part of our shop culture and employees  are trained to leave the protective film on as long as possible during processing with the laser–even leaving notches on corners where welding is done.”

Fabrication of Stainless Steel Tanks

Likewise, Ulrich makes a variety of stainless steel tanks. In fact, some stainless steel takes  are as big as a small car. While, labs precision clean parts in other smaller tanks.  In particular, the computer chip industry cleans silicon wafers in this type of stainless steel tanks.

Additional Production Capability

In addition custom sheet metal fabrication is accomplished using the following:

  • 95 ton Trumf TruBend 5085 press brake
    • with six-axis back gauge
    • quick-change tooling
    • and extra stroke
  • 230 ton Cincinnati Autobend hydraulic press brake
    • with six-axis back gauge
    • quick-changeholders
    • and extra stroke
  • CNC punch press
  • welders capable of MIG, TIG and resistance welding

Also, a full CAD/CAM engineering service capability provides an important service to customers. Engineering staff works closely with customers to develop high quality product designs.


Read more in Manufacturing Engineering 

pdf of Manufacturing Engineering Article