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Ulrich Participates in College and Career Night

Ulrich attends JCC College and Career Night
Ulrich representatives were on hand to participate in JCC’s 39th annual College and Career Night. Hundreds of high school students attended the event. On hand were representatives from 52 colleges and 70 career fields.

Ulrich Plan Filing at Career Night

“It is exciting to have the opportunity to help these students find the right career that matches with their abilities and interests.” said Barb Berry, representing the Mechanical/Industrial Technology field. “I can remember being in their shoes and trying to figure out what I wanted to do as a career, and it was someone taking the time to explain

their job to me that greatly influenced my decision. Now I get to return the favor.”

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Manufacturing Day at Ulrich

IMG_3310Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire future generations of manufacturers. Through the events and learning experiences offered on this day it becomes very easy for people to see just how important manufacturing is.

Ulrich played host to approximately fifty Job Core students today as they toured our facility and watched as our employee’s worked.  Some of the owners and the engineering staff here led your groups and explained some of the processes taking place.

manufacturingday1Dan Berry, along with the rest of the owners and employees were very excited for the opportunity to show these young minds what Ulrich is all about.  Dan say “Manufacturing has always been the engine that drives economic growth in this country and Manufacturing Day is a great time to expose young men and women to the possible career opportunities that are available.”

Top Features in a Fire Resistant Cabinet

One of the most important feature of fire resistance is……drum roll please……………water resistance.

When fire protection was everything
If you had asked 50 years ago. The only focus would be fire resistance – hands down – no question. At that time very few buildings had fire prevention or fire safety features. If a fire started in your building someone called the fire department….. well they would if it was during business hours. If it was after business hours you hoped that your neighbors noticed the smoke and called the fire department. This often made reaction to a fire slow. And fire protection meant keeping your important paperwork safe from long exposure to fire. So what to look for today when choosing file cabinet fire protection?

Look up at the changing landscape

Fire Alarm 500px
Yes I really wanted you to look up. You will see emergency exit signs, and there is somewhere smoke detectors that are probably wired up to your local fire department. As soon as you have been alerted to the fire in your office the fire department has been alerted also and those brave men and women are on there way to put out the fire. Rapid response time is a priority for Fire Fighters. And help arrives within minutes.

So what is the real hazard when there is a fire?

Water! Between sprinklers and rapid fire department response – the duration of most fires is on the decline. And often it is the gallons of water sprayed on the fire that causes the majority of the damage. So, in addition to fire resistance – great document protection must include water protection.

Ulrich Plan files protect from Fire and Water

The very best protection includes fire and water protection! The Ulrich Planfiles and Minifiles aare the only large document filing system to have fire protection and these cabinets also have water protection.

You can count on the water apron and lap joint construction of these cabinets to protect your documents from water damage. See in this video the difference water can make in protecting your documents.

Map and Planfiling Fire Resistant Features.

The following video shows Ulrich Planfile fire resistant capabilities. These cabinets are the only file cabinets on the market for map and plan storage that provide fire resistance.

See below for more information on these cabinets

Storing a large number of maps and plans.

The Planfile is a high capacity cabinet which can hold 3,600 documents for daily use and 6,000 documents for archival use. More information….

6 flat file cabinets can be replaced with one Planfile blueprint cabinet . In addition the Planfile cabinet is a fire resistant cabinet, that has many additional features like a standard lock, water resistance, 60 included folders, and heavy duty casters for easy mobility.

Limited office space
The Ulrich Minifile is perfect for amazing document protection in a limited space. This cabinet sits less than 15″ from the wall and can hold between 1,440 and 2,400 documents. More information….

3 flat file cabinets can be replaced by this one Ulrich Minifile Cabinet - fire resistant cabinet for map storage, plan storage and poster storage. Includes large file folders

Need Archival Quality Large Document Storage?

Complete your document protection by replacing the standard folders in your cabinet with Archival Quality folders! Call 1-800-346-2875 for more information.

Large file folders for map storage.
Download a copy of this article

Large Folders Boost Flat File Cabinet Storage


Organization is the Cornerstone to Maximum Production

messy Flat file cabinet cropped 600pxI once saw a bumper sticker that read, “Organized people are just too lazy to search for stuff.” While this is cute, it only scratches the surface of the benefits of organization. Being organized improves focus, makes you more productive and helps you achieve your goals. No doubt that things are done more quickly when the items you need are at your fingertips. Organization requires tools. These tools are usually simple and basic. These tools are a way to create a place for everything and have everything in it’s place. In our offices this means filing!

Filing – Tools of the Trade

standard file cabinet drawer 600px

Folders and labels are the basic – the very minimum of what is required for any efficient filing system. Imagine you being told that you must organize your office filing but you must do it without folders – no folders at all! You would think this is entirely crazy – a totally ridiculous task. But we face this problem every day while organizing the storage of our blueprints, plats, engineering and architectural plans in flat file cabinets. Flat file cabinet drawers can hold up to 100 large documents for active storage and up to 200 documents for inactive storage. This means that each drawer holds a pile of 100 documents. A pile you must leaf through sheet by sheet every time you need to find a document.

You and Your Documents Deserve Better

Ulrich D or A1 size, 24" x 36", Flat File Folder for organizing Maps and Plans in flat file cabinet
Flat file folder storage

The solution for boosting the efficiency of your flat file cabinet is so easy. Large Folders! These folders not only provide organization to your flat file cabinet drawers – they also provide protection to your documents. These Large Folders are available in a variety of sizes to organize your documents so that you can find your blueprint, map, plan or poster quickly and easily. These large folders allow you to organize all the documents for a particular job, even those small documents. Each folder has a hand hole to make removing the folders easy. These hand holes are mylar reinforced for years of useful life.

Large Folder Benefits and Features

Keep total job in one large folder 600px Projects sometimes have a number of different size documents. The smaller documents can get lost in the shuffle. Utilizing these flat file folders will keep all of the documents for each project. Your project will be safe and organized.
Large visible index labels600px These folders make file drawers more manageable. And with large visible index labels it is easy to find the documents you need at a glance.
Large folder serves as a protective cover 600px If you need to take the project to a meeting or offsite these large folders are the perfect way to safely transport the documents.

Sizes available to meet every need

Half size flat file folders
Half size flat file folders

All of the common sized folders are available. (see table below) If you have smaller documents, you can utilize our half size folders. Putting these half sized folders side by side in the drawers will double your drawer capacity while keeping your document organized. Have a special drawer size? It is a simple matter to have the folders factory cut to your special filing needs. (Don’t worry the price is extremely reasonable)

 pH neutral folders available for your archival filing needs.

Have questions. Contact us – 1-800-346-2875 – we are happy to help you get the organization you deserve.

Downloadable version of this article – Large Folders Boost Flat file Cabinet Storage

Ulrich Flat File Folder Brochure

Find the folder that is a perfect fit:

Find the right size by measuring the inside dimensions of your drawer. If you need help determining the right size please give us a call – 1-800-346-2875.


Part # Document
W x H
D1 24″ x 36″ 36 1/2″ x 25 1/2″
F1 30″ x 42″ 42 1/2″ x 31 1/2″
E1 36″ x 48″ 49 1/2″ x 37 1/2″
D1.5 18″ x 24″ 18″ x 24 1/2″
E1.5 24″ x 36″ 24 1/2″ x 37 1/2″


See available stock sizes

large folders for flat file cabinets

Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturer Improves Customer Service

Factory of Ulrich Planfiling a custom sheet metal manufacturer. Manufacturer of Large Document Filing Cabinet and Custom Sheet metal fabrication

Ulrich – focus on the customer

Ulrich Planfiling has launched a new project to improve service to it’s Planfile as well as our custom sheet metal fabrication customers. President Dan Berry describes the changes, “Today’s current business environment is more complex than ever. Customers are ordering smaller production runs on a more frequent basis. Causing most businesses to have to process many more orders just to maintain the same volume of sales. Of course, this has put a strain on our business systems.”

Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturer

Ulrich is a custom sheet metal manufacturer with an expertise for high quality custom product. Notably, Ulrich’s large engineering staff has a great deal of design and production knowledge.  As a result allowing them to create the best most producible product. Consequently, saving time and money in production. While the highly trained production staff creates a high finish quality product.

Press Brake used by staff at Custom Sheet Metal Manufacturer - Ulrich Planfiling

Partnership for improved customer service

Custom sheet metal manufacturer, Ulrich is partnering with Insyte Consulting. Together they will analyze current business system requirements and map future system needs. This is a detailed analysis. Which will lead to the selection of a new state of the art computer system. This system will dramatically improve customer service and improve profitability.

There are two programs, each providing a portion of the funding for this project. Namely, Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand sponsor the first portion of the funding. In particular, this program supports small and medium-sized manufacturers in Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties. While this Manufacturing productivity improvement program provides technical assistance to businesses in manufacturing, process improvement and customized training.

In addition, NYS Senator Cathy Young secured funding for trans-formative investment programs in upstate NY as the second source of partial funding.  Of course, funds from these programs will make many Southern Tier Manufacturers more competitive and create high paying jobs in the area.

To read more about Ulrich and the ARC award go to the Post Journal.